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Fire Up with Debra Trappen | Speaker. Empowerment Consultant. Author.
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  Are you ready to fire up your MOXIE with this week’s affirmation? Here we go… repeat after me: I am a fearless, fiery dreamer who takes action, speaks truth, embraces my uniqueness, and fiercely fulfills my purpose! Claim this with a fierceness that lights......

  Are you ready to fire up your MOXIE? Here we go… repeat after me: I will learn from my past and leave behind what doesn’t serve me to focus on those things that inspire joy, peace, and prosperity. Far too often I have conversations......

Event Speaker

What’s my Fire Up WHY?


I believe every woman has a vivacious, valiant hero inside of her and it is my calling to engage, elevate, and empower her to step into her greatness.  My Fire Up process will help YOU define and design the best version of YOU, ditch the senseless hustle that distracts you so you can find your FOCUS, build a prosperous, successful business, and ultimately live your life out loud – on your terms!


I write books, present live keynote talks and host day retreats & workshops, publish a feisty blog, create fun #MoxieMemo posts, produce a podcast where I share sass + moxie and interview FAB individuals who share their stories to empower YOU!

Is this YOU?


You wake up and KNOW there is more out there for you, you believe you are worth it and are ready to do the work to make it happen! However, you are stuck and don’t know WHERE to start.


You may also be one of the amazing, bold men who love these women. If you are the current or future husbands, brothers, fathers and sons of these brilliant women and love getting an inside perspective – you’re a fab fit for the Fire Up! Empowerment Movement.

Are YOU Ready To Fire Up?


Are you a corporate dynamo ready for a promotion or planning to start a business of your own?


Are you ready to make the NEXT mark on the world now that your nest is empty?


Are you a Mama Bear who is helping to build family wealth with a home-based business?


Do you plan events, conferences, or retreats for these women?

Let’s talk!

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Fire Up Your Life and Business Goals!


Are you trying to figure out if you have the RIGHT goals?


Are you tired of not achieving them and ready to shake up how you set your goals?


Are you ready for a new way to you formulate, improve, reinforce, and elevate your goals?


Whether you have already chosen your goals or not…
this 44-page download will help you F.I.R.E. THEM UP!


Are you planning a sales rally, leadership event, business retreat, or conference?

Want to kick it off with a practical, motivational and FUN note or maybe close it with a vibrant, fiery bang?

Debra is the speaker for you!

When your attendees are fired up, smiling and laughing they are more receptive to listening, learning and more likely to implement changes!


Does your company thrive with a strong, independent sales force?  

Are you part of a community or company that supports and encourages developing the leader in each of us? 

Schedule one of the Fire Up! workshops.  Each of them is designed to inspire, ignite and boost sales teams, solopreneurs, and leadership into HIGH GEAR. Webinar series also available.


Debra’s first book is Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11…

This book is your primer to living the life you were meant to live. If you are ready to stop dreaming and start doing, Debra’s proven steps and strategies will help you define your core four, grow your influence, attract ideal connections, and progress to where you want to be!  

Get your copy today!


Feeling stuck? Does your soul tank need to be filled up?

Debra’s #MoxieMemo quotes will engage, elevate and empower you to believe in yourself, get inspired, clarify your vision, ignite your goals and stay focused, as you build the life and business that fires you up!  

For those times you need it, these quotes and truths will also get you out of your own way!