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Empowerment Coaching Program - Debra Trappen
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This coaching program is designed for individuals who are READY to take their life, career/business, and future to the next level, truly reach their potential, and become the leaders they were meant to be!


My promise to you… when you complete this program you will:


  • Have a clear view of your personal values, a list of activities that fill your soultank, and your life’s purpose declared
  • You will have at least one life commitment statement written and be on the path to creating more
  • You will have the tools and resources to elevate your self-talk, master success-supporting habits, and step into a new season filled with confidence, moxie, and fire.


Whether you are building your slice of the Kingdom from the couch, carpool lane, cubicle, or corner office – this empowerment program will help you:

  • take your life and confidence to the next level
  • start a new business
  • build up to courage to ask for that promotion or raise
  • decide on next industry/career/niche move
  • re-enter the workforce

pssst… Yes, YOU!


  • If you wake up – day after day – and feel STUCK…
    this program is for you!


  • If your mantra is “WHY NOT ME”…
    this program is for you!


  • If you KNOW there is more out there for you, but have no idea WHERE to start…
    this program is for you!
Carol - Fire Up Praise

Process and Investment:


  • 11 hours of coaching time that will be divided up, based on your availability needs
  • Bonus follow-up session four weeks after your final session
  • Empowerment program starts at $5000 with additional hours available at a reduced rate.

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