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Executive Coaching Program - Debra Trappen
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Fire Up!

Executive Coaching

This program was designed for individuals who are READY to take their life, career/business, and future to the next level, truly reach their potential, and become the leaders they were meant to be!


If you are considering:

  • starting a new business
  • trying to build up to courage to ask for that promotion or raise
  • thinking about switching your industry/career/niche
  • ready to re-enter the workforce


THIS elite, personalized consulting program is for you!


This program is not for Corporate Leadership or Teams.  Please message us (via the form below) for details on our corporate programs.



Personal CORE FOUR Definition


You will define a solid personal brand foundation, including your Core Four™ : Personal Values, Soultank, Purpose, and Niche.  


The following elements lay the ground work for attracting ideal opportunities and connections, growing your influence and visibility and building a business, career, community, and LIFE that fires you UP!


1. VALUES exercise
2. SOULTANK inventory
3. PURPOSE clarification
4. NICHE statement


There will be PRE-WORK required… aka ME-work. 




Value-Based Goal Setting


This step focuses on defining clear, values-based goals – both personal and professional.  These will then be translated into overall storytelling – online and offline.  Including:


1. Short-term Goals
2. Long-term Goals




Telling Your Story Online


Throughout the program, I will guide you through the process of uncovering which social media platforms make the most sense for you, based on your Core Four™ and Goals… as well as share tips and resources on how to take your content to the next level!




During our time together we will sharpen your messages and personal brand to maximize your impact, extend your influence, share your story and reach your goals!



My ideal clients are truly ready to be held to a higher standard and expect honest feedback. The best plans are tested, tested, and tested again before being placed into solid business plan actions. By the end of our sessions together, you will be well on your way to building solid brand awareness and a strong community.

pssst… Yes, YOU!


  • If you wake up – day after day – and feel STUCK…
    this program is for you!


  • If your mantra is “WHY NOT ME”…
    this program is for you!


  • If you KNOW there is more out there for you, but have no idea WHERE to start…
    this program is for you!
Carol - Fire Up Praise

Process and Investment:


Length of Process:


  • 4 session commitment (75-minute sessions)


Here are some ways we can work the sessions together:


  • Schedule FOUR 75-minute sessions – a combination of LIVE* and virtual
  • Schedule ONE 5-hour LIVE* or Virtual session to cover all of the material at once
  • Schedule TWO 2.5-hour session – one LIVE* and one virtual



Regardless of your choice above:


  • We will schedule a bonus follow-up session within 2 weeks of your final session to review progress and work through any questions you may have.
  • I will be following you on social media to provide tips, tools, and resources to help you take what you have learned and implemented to the next level.



Program starts at $1000/session – minimum 4 sessions


  • 20% discount for full pre-payment
  • Budget-friendly payment plans available



*LIVE sessions currently available in the Seattle Metro Area

If you wish to bring Debra to your area for a group session, please fill out the form below with details.   We will get back to you at our soonest opportunity!

Additional Sessions Available:  


1.  Taking Your Networking Skills and Success to 11
Leveraging your Core Four and Top Biz Goals to elevate your networking skills and success

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