The Fire Up Workshop incorporates brand foundation exercises to guide each attendee through the steps to define their Core Four: values, passions, purpose and niche statement. 

The social media platform and strategy review informs attendees on the best ways to engage and connect on the appropriate sites and how to use their Core Four to create memorable, magnetic content and experiences to attract and delight ideal connections! 

Focusing on a strong personal brand, impression management and customer experience are becoming more and more important with the rise of social media and an ever-evolving online world.

The Fire Up! Workshop teaches you HOW!

A solid win-win-win.



Give your team the tools they need to make 2016 the best year yet!


The d11 exercises and techniques:

  1. Provide transformational steps to design a prosperous life and business for your agents and sales teams.
  2. Elevate and enhance the recruiting and retention process for your sales managers/brokers.
  3. Improve the overall customer experience, reputation, and bottom line for the company.

The Fire Up! Workshop guides sales agents, managers & leaders through the d11 formula to building a life and business that fires them UP!

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