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Fire Up! Values-Based Goals Workshop - Debra Trappen
If sharing a unique, magnetic personal brand or successful lifestyle is key to building a business or team – the Fire Up! techniques will take your life and business to the next level. Key topics involve defining a solid personal brand, elevating networking, and goal setting to achieve.
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Get Ready To Set Values-Based Goals That You WANT To Accomplish!

Throughout the year, our goals can fade away while we are distracted by everyday life.

If you (and/or your team) are feeling like you need help refocusing, redefining and recharging your goals – THIS is the workshop for you.

Debra will share tips, tools and resources to inspire you with fresh perspectives and techniques to help you achieve your goals every single day!

You will learn 11 insights, including:

* How to “positively frame goals” to yield results * A key formula and worksheet to guide your process * Ways to keep yourself in CHECK along the way

* A key formula and worksheet to guide your process * Ways to keep yourself in CHECK along the way

* Ways to keep yourself in CHECK along the way

In this workshop, we will cover how to:

1. Define Your Objectives and Strategy
2. Choose An Amazing Guest
3. How To Ditch The Small Talk
4. Being Memorable
5. Ways To Use Your Photos For GOOD
6. Follow Up With Intention

…and more!