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power consulting - Debra Trappen
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Power Brand Consulting

Check out this personal branding blog post...

Check out this personal branding blog post…

Get ready to FIRE UP YOUR BRAND!  

As an entrepreneur, executive, or small business owner you have unique needs and demands placed upon you.  The days of leading and running companies “behind the green curtain” are gone.  The social consumer wants to know YOU, the leader/visionary of the company they do business with today.  They also desire to know more about your sales team.  Now, more than ever, it is mission critical for you to take time to design a solid foundation with a defined set of values, clear vision for where you want to go, a focused niche statement that is easily remembered and repeated, and a true realization that an element or two of fun everyday is imperative to you and your organization!  Also, understanding the power role social media platforms play in sharing those messages to build your brand.

Here are some focus areas in the d11 power consulting program:

  • Analysis of currently defined personal values, vision, mission statements, and a “What FIRES YOU UP?” inventory
  • Social media audit to analyze personal brand footprint on major platforms
  • Review and sharpening of messages and personal brand to assist in meeting goals, maximizing impact and extending influence
  • Prioritization of social media platforms, based on goals
  • Custom social media strategy focused on your personal brand.

Custom 1:1 Brand Consulting Package:

Six custom one on one sessions to define a solid brand story (values, passions, purpose and niche) you can implement in a simple, 3-platform social media/digital strategy.
Investment: $3000-$5000


Individual Brand Consulting Sessions:

Not in need of, or ready for, the entire brand consulting package.  These individual “guide” sessions are for you!


    • Defining Your Core Values  *  Investment $750
    • Creating & Infusing Your Passion Menu   *  Investment $750
    • Discovering Your Purpose – What Is Your Why?    *  Investment $750
    • Formulating Your Niche Statement  *  Investment $750


    • Translating Your Brand Story Into A Simple Online Strategy   *  Investment $1500-$3000


Group Personal Brand Package:

(6-8 participants required): $1250/participant*  |  5 session included – additional sessions available, as requested
*Ask how you can get your sessions 50% off!


This process is not just about analyzing and building your personal brand/social strategy.  An app and technology review is also included. The ultimate goal is to get you up and running with your social media mobile tools so that you can engage and connect all from the palm of your hand…. in an hour or less a day!  Remember, technology is meant to save you time so that you have MORE TIME with your loved ones, doing the things that FIRE YOU UP!



*If you would like to learn about how d11 partners with companies on social media audit and strategy  programs, please fill out a connect form and we will reach out at our soonest opportunity!