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Leadership Programs - Debra Trappen
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Fire Up!
Leadership Programs

Planning a leadership retreat?

Debra also has a Fire Up! Leadership Program that includes keynote talks, mastermind-style workshops and consulting.  These elements inspire and guide organizations through the process implementing conscious leadership practices to create a magnetic, values-based culture led by strong individuals who know who they are and what they want and have a definition of success that ignites and motivates them!


The retreat/mastermind workshops and/or consulting sessions guide leaderships through the following process:


1. Personal Development:
Getting to the CORE of YOU.

  • Clarifying and Leveraging Your Values and Passions to Lead with Purpose and Focused Vision
  • Check your MINDSET…
  • E+R=O (and what comes in-between)


2. Culture By Design:
Creating A Magnetic Culture By Leading Others Into THEIR Greatness!

  • Crushing the false, internal stories. Going to the mats!
  • Leveraging, noticing and conquering feelings
  • Sticky Convos
  • Coaching How vs. Guiding Thru vs. Doing The Work
  • Formulating Value-Packed Feedback
  • Conflict: Recognition thru Resolution
  • Creating a Culture of Expressing Gratitude

Additional Modules:


1. Simple Storytelling Strategies
Sharing your story and your company’s story online to build relationships.  Ultimately this helps to recruit and retain key employees and influencers.


2. Elevating Your Networking Skills & Strategy
Leveraging your Core Four and Top Biz Goals to elevate your networking skills and success

Once leadership has gone through this process, the next step is for middle-management and key influencers to go through the Fire Up! Workshop to help them define their Core Four elements, as well as put together a personal and life success plan!