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Are you paying attention to your self-talk? Each and every day, I am fired up and honored to remind you of your greatness. You are divinely designed for an exquisite purpose. In order to reach that potential, you must embrace loving yourself. All of you. "Love the magnificent, vibrant woman you are today. You have invested so much in becoming her and passionately continue to focus embracing your best self every single day!" When you hear negative thoughts running through your mind - take them captive and replace them with words of affirmation and encouragement. Take a moment to prepare some I AM statements so you are ready! Here are some examples to get you started: I am radiant,...

This post is part of the d11 Personal Branding Blog Series…   Each of the 25 branding tips will get a “deep dive” in the upcoming months!    Personal Branding Tip #4: "Be your signature self." BUT HOW? The following are simple concepts (we hear all the time), yet still so difficult for many of us to embrace.   1. BE YOURSELF. 2. STOP comparing yourself to others. It is a waste of time. 3. YOUR unique experiences and talents make YOU special. You know the world is full of knockoffs, spinoffs, and cheap imitations. You realize being “genuine” seems all too often to be the exception, not the norm. You know there is only ONE person just like you, so why...