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Fire Up! Workshops - Debra Trappen
If sharing a unique, magnetic personal brand or successful lifestyle is key to building a business or team – the Fire Up! techniques will take your life and business to the next level. Key topics involve defining a solid personal brand, elevating networking, and goal setting to achieve.
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What will attendees experience?


High-energy.  Actionable, value-packed information. Fun, life-changing exercises and experiences.


Every workshop starts by taking attendees on a journey to discover and refine their Core Four (defining values, filling soultank, uncovering purpose and clarifying niche/focus). Then, depending on the workshop, this foundation is translated it into practical ways to live their best days out loud, grow their influence, build their personal brand or business, and ultimately create a life that FIRES THEM UP!

Are these for YOUR group?


If you are in charge of planning a sales rally, women’s conference, personal development summit, annual conferences for employees, independent sales professionals, your industry association, your networking group… you get where this is going!


Snapshot of organizations that have hosted Fire Up Events:


State and Local REALTOR® Associations, Women’s Council of REALTORS® (WCR), Young Professionals Association (YPN), Small Business Administration, Chamber of Commerce, Exceptional Connections, LegacyCaring, Toastmasters, and….

Want a custom event?


Never hosted an event for your group?Don’t think you have the budget for a workshop?

Don’t think you have the budget for a workshop?

Have you have been cooking up an idea and believe the Fire Up! message would be a fit?


My team and I ADORE idea-storming (it is one of our core values around the Fire Up Studio), so fill out THIS FORM and we will reach out to you at our soonest opportunity!

Independent Sales Professionals:


Attendees define and design their signature Core Four elements, personal success and life affirmations, and a simple, digital storytelling strategy to create a brand, business, and LIFE that fires them up!

Sharpen team/member’s networking skills!


Attendees will learn to leverage their personal brand and goals to choose ideal networking events, prepare like a champion, rock the room, and follow up with intention, purpose, and ultimately experience SUCCESS with their “best yes” RSVPs.

Want to improve goal-setting skills?


During this workshop, attendees learn and implement 11 proven concepts to set action-packed goals they want to and WILL accomplish!

A follow-up challenge will help them continue infusing the concepts into their every day life!