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Empowerment Coaching Program - Debra Trappen
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I am so thrilled you are here and that we are going to share this magnificent adventure of self-discovery TOGETHER!  You are amongst your tribe here, your extended Lioness Pride. 


If these sound familiar – you are in the right place.

You wake up and KNOW there is more… (and not sure how to get it yet!)

• You BELIEVE you are worth investing in… (and looking for the best way to do it!)

• You are surrounded by CHAMPIONS and they seem to see more in you than you do in yourself.  (and you’re ready to believe them!)

• You EMBRACE a Why Not Me? attitude. (and you encourage others to do the same!)

• You know what you need to do – the affirmations, defining your values, taking “me” time, but you simply don’t create the time or space to do it!


This coaching program is designed for individuals who are READY to take their life, career/business, and future to the next level, truly reach their potential, and become the leaders they were meant to be!


My promise to you… when you complete this program you will:


• Have a clear view of your personal values, a list of activities that fill your soultank, and your life’s purpose declared

• You will have at least one life commitment statement written and be on the path to creating more

• You will have the tools and resources to elevate your self-talk, master success-supporting habits, and step into a new season filled with confidence, moxie, and fire.


Whether you are building your slice of the Kingdom from the couch, carpool lane, cubicle, or corner office – this empowerment program will help you:


• take your life and confidence to the next level

• start a new business

• build up to courage to ask for that promotion or raise

• decide on next industry/career/niche move

• re-enter the workforce

Carol - Fire Up Praise

Process and Investment:


•  11 hours of coaching time that will be divided up, based on your availability needs

•  Bonus follow-up session four weeks after your final session

•  Empowerment program starts at $5000 with additional hours available at a reduced rate.


pssst… Yes, YOU!


  • If you wake up – day after day – and feel STUCK…
    this program is for you!


  • If your mantra is “WHY NOT ME”…
    this program is for you!


  • If you KNOW there is more out there for you, but have no idea WHERE to start…
    this program is for you!

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