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Chat with Marguerite Crespillo - Debra Trappen
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Chat with Marguerite Crespillo

It’s time to Fire Up! with Marguerite Crespillo…


Marguerite began her career in 1993 and has helped over 3000 families in her 20+ year career as a Top Producing Real Estate Agent. In addition, she has coached, trained and mentored hundreds of people in the real estate industry throughout her career.  She has developed a series of training classes and boot camps that are focused on what is happening RIGHT NOW in the current economy.

As someone who is in the “trenches”, she is constantly evolving, learning and experimenting the best ways to approach whatever is happening in the current market so that she can bring to you, the very best tools to be your own version of success in ANY real estate market.

Her unfiltered, straight forward approach to training will give you the right amount of “kick-in-the-rear” along with the tools you need to be a true success in ANY real estate market.

Born and raised in Northern California, she loves living out in the country with her husband Joe and two of their 6 children who are still living at home along with 5 dogs and a few chickens.

Here is even more about Marguerite Crespillo:

1. What was it that gave you the ‘push’ to begin living your dream?

When my husband was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease which required us to close down our real estate brokerage of 120+ agents. We became empty nesters and decided to really simplify and downsize our lives and make it more mobile. I always wanted to teach and do public speaking to help and inspire other real estate agents to live THEIR own version of success instead of feeling like they had to be what the industry preaches.


2. What does success look and feel like TO YOU?

Success looks to me like helping and inspiring others, working when I want and mostly having fun! Having raised 6 kids (3 of my own and 3 bonus kids) and being able to stay married for 25+ years without killing each other (day to day) and having been in real estate for 23 years I have learned that life is not about sales and stuff but about who still likes/loves you at the end of the day. Most importantly be kind.

3. Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST!

Inspiring. Motivating. Committed.

4. What was your biggest mistake? How did you learn from it?

Jumping too quickly into a franchise without doing more research on the owners of the company. I believe that I sometimes make decisions to quickly without thinking things through better. But this has also enabled me to do more and accomplish more than many who move at a slower pace

5. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I’m actually pretty introverted. I like to go home and not talk to anyone. Sometimes for a couple days or more.

6. If you could go back 10 years and share the knowledge you have now – what would you tell yourself?

I would say to relax and enjoy the moment more. My kids grew up way to fast and I was so focused on providing for them what I never had that I didn’t enjoy them as much as I wish I had. Work less, love more.

7. What inspires you to keep moving forward – even in moments of fear and doubt?

When i get overwhelmed I stop and look at how far I have come and how incredibly grateful I am and then I get out of my pity party and get back to work. I have so much I want to do in this lifetime, I want to help more people, see more of the world, spend more time with people I love and that is what inspires me to do more.

8. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

Truthfully look at my phone (sadly) then I take my dogs outside and water and talk to all my plants on my patio lol

9. What is your ‘superpower’?

I would say my superpower is that I have a keen sense to be able to sift through a lot of the bs people say to get to the point of what is really going on with them. I am able to connect and relate to many people from my lifetime of experiences with so many

10. What are your TOP FIVE apps on your phone? Why?

Email, facebook, Fitbit, my bank app, candy crush lol. I have lots more but these are the ones I access most often

11. What songs are on your FIRE UP playlist?

Anything by Bruno Mars, Pitbull, or Pink



What is your ONE WORD for this year?

Last year it was Home, This year it is EXPLORE! I want to get out and travel and see MORE!