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Fire Up! Workshop Key Partner Program - Debra Trappen
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Fire Up! Day Retreat/Workshop
Key Partner Program

Let’s partner together and bring a custome Fire Up Your Moxie Workshop to your region!  This event can be customized as a 1 or 2-day conference or retreat-style event.  This feisty, fiery, fun content will add unique value and inspire a fresh perspective to your current training and education programs.


Too many of us jump into life, leadership, running a business, building, growing, going, doing… and don’t stop to uncover what is inside us – FIRST.   When we slow down – magic happens.  We find our focus, ditch the senseless hustle, and finally live life on our own terms.  Terms we define and design… not the media, other people, or the rogue, negative voices in our head!


Once we have our Fire Up! elements together we can leverage it and tell our personal brand story to attract ideal connections, design values-based goals you can’t wait to slay, grow your influence, and build a business that truly fires you up – every single day!


Day one is  focused on defining, designing, and supporting your :


• Define what core values guide and motivate you.


• Discover what fills your soultank and inspires you to joyfully serve.


• Declare what calls you and ignites you every day.


• Decide what habits, self-talk, and affirmations you need to support your vision.


• Describe what success looks like to you.


• Develop a gratitude strategy to encourage and elevate you along the way!


These core elements translate into a life, brand, business, culture, and attitude that all shine online to attract ideal connections, grow influence and can be leveraged to design a life and business that fire you up!


Day two is optional and focused on leveraging all of the first day’s content into your BUSINESS STRATEGY!


Formulate an ideal client niche statement.


Simple social media platform and strategy review that will show attendees the best ways to engage and connect to relevant sites.


Specific tips on storytelling to leverage their MOXIE and create memorable, magnetic content and experiences to attract and delight ideal connections.


Networking strategies to choose and elevate every ideal opportunity to connect in person.


Business goal setting and hacking strategies to design your best year yet!

Let’s connect and put together the perfect Fire Up! program for your group!

Debra will provide the following:

  • an entertaining and inspiring event packed with simple, life-enhancing tips, truths, and exercises


  • complimentary digital Fire Up! book for each attendee


  • pre-event “Me Work” to get excitement stirred before the event


  • video and promotion copy for partner to use, as desired


  • post event q&a session to keep attendees on track


  • discounts on future books, eCourses, workshops, etc.

Costs + Benefits To Fire Up! Partner:

Revenue Share Event Investment*:

$5000 base fee for a one-day (5-7 hours) program and ticket revenue share, plus travel + expenses

$7500 base fee for a two-day (8-10 hours) program and ticket revenue share, plus travel + expenses


BONUS: Ticket Sales % Share:

60% of ticket sales go to partner

40% goes to Debra to cover reduced fee offered and incentivize promotion assistance


This creative idea helps you bring Debra to your region with little to potentially ZERO out of pocket if you work with sponsors!


Suggested ticket pricing:

 Members: $79
Strategic Partner: $99
Non-Members: $129


Estimated ticket sales funds raised for the organization:

40 Members = $1264

30 Strategic Partners = $1782

20 Non-Members =$1548

($4594 in potential revenue from each event)


. . . . . . . . . . .


*For organizations that prefer not to host a profit share event, Debra’s full fee for a 6-hour retreat is $15,000.

Key Partner will provide the following:

  • Room and SetUp
    • Provides a room large enough for the registered attendees
      Ideally, the space is NOT a traditional conference room and has breakout spaces for attendees to spread out during quiet, reflection times during the event.
    • Table and chair setup
      (attendees will be writing throughout the day, so tables are a must)
    • Access to a lapel mic, projector, and screen for a slideshow presentation
    • Partner on printing of a handout, first page in color.


  • Name Tags 


  • Food and Beverage
    • Coffee and Water available throughout the day
    • Lunch – sponsored by a local affiliate or hosted in a location where access to a speedy lunch is available.
    • Afternoon snack – healthy and/or sweet


  • A representative to welcome, check-in, and close the day out with and for their community
    • This person will receive a complimentary ticket to the workshop


  • Promotion to membership email list and online communities
    • Digital promotional material will be provided

FUN Sponsor Concepts and Ideas:

Partner have chosen to find sponsors to cover things like:

  • Coffee
  • Lunch
  • Morning and Afternoon Snacks
  • Waterbottles/Useful Swag
  • Name tags
  • Notepads and Pens


In areas I know people, I am happy to assist in finding sponsors to participate, as requested.


In return:

  • Sponsors would invite their sphere and receive a complimentary ticket to the event to attend and network




I request there is NO selling “from a table/booth” unless they want to become a PLATINUM sponsor and cover 50% of each ticket sold.  Please connect with Debra for additional information if this is something you or a colleague are interested in pursuing.