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Fire Up Podcast - Debra Trappen
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The Fire Up podcast is a mixture of 1:1 #MoxieChats w magnificent women, the Spill the Tea w/ Debra + Molly series, #MoxieAffirmations to elevate your thinking, and more to engage, elevate, and empower you.


The show host, Debra Trappen is an internationally experienced leadership consultant, community builder, women’s empowerment advocate, speaker, author, podcaster, and talk show host.


Each episode is packed with her ability to communicate and interact at a deep level with wisdom-filled clarity, Debra has a passion for developing people, enabling them to maximize their personal and professional effectiveness to create the life they want by promoting self-awareness, growth, and resilience.


She brings her 20+ years of extensive experience working with soul-centered entrepreneurs on identifying and weaving together their personal and professional values with their purposes to serve others at their highest and best to the show. If you’re ready to light the spark inside of you so you can confidently visualize and realize your dreams, achieve fulfillment, and add value to your communities – this is the podcast for you.


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