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Are You Living with a FULL Soultank? - Debra Trappen
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Are You Living with a FULL Soultank?

One of my favorite questions to ask others – especially leaders:

How full is your soultank, right now?


How full is your #soultank?

Popular #soultank activities in the Fire Up Community: wine tasting, practicing yoga, running, golfing, singing karaoke, hiking, laughing, entertaining friends/family, walking dogs, fishing, reading, cooking, grilling…. the list is endless! {Need help formulating your #soultank list? Click this pic for a fun post to guide you!}

Followed by…

How are you filling your soultank today? This weekend?

Most people can’t even remember the last time they thought about how full their soultank was!  Working to take the time to recognize and feel where you are right now is such a fantastic exercise.  Start by simply asking yourself:

Am I content and joyful, right now?  or…  Am I an exhausted cranky-pants even I would avoid?
(The latter is a sure sign of an empty tank.  lol)

Remember, if your tank is empty, YOU are the only one who can fill it up.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are living a happy, fulfilling, purpose-focused life.

Instead of being overwhelmed that no one can help you…

I encourage you to flip that feeling and say this to yourself, instead:

No one can take this away from me.


Whether you are a leader of many or a leader of a mini-squad – YOUR mindset, attitude, and soultank level are directly related to how well you lead yourself and others into their greatness.  Yes, if you are empty or near empty, you can still “serve” others, however, it is mediocre service- at best.

Ask yourself, Am I comfortable giving a mediocre experience to my loved ones and those I lead?”  


YouAreTheMostMagnificentProjectYourWillEverWorkOnThe following concept helps change the perspective of MANY people I share it with:

You are the most magnificent project you will ever work on and you are worth the investment of time, passion, energy, and focus. 


Yes. You. Are.


Repeat after me, if you dare!



“I am the most magnificent project I will ever work on and I am worth the investment of time, passion, energy, and focus!”


Now go out there, FIRE UP, and get your soultank NICE AND FULL, my friends!





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