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June check in... How are your goals coming along? - Debra Trappen
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June check in… How are your goals coming along?

Wow! Wow! Wow! x11

The year is half over and most of us have barely blinked. The last 6 months have absolutely flown by and now is the perfect time to check in with yourself, your Core Four and your goals progress.

Here are 5 questions to help you celebrate successes, get back on track where you need to and rock out the next six months:

1. Have you been living by your core values?

Slowing down to intentionally compare the choices you are making to your core value is a key ingredient in living a life that fires you up AND gets you closer to your goals!

(If you need to define your core values, here is a free exercise to get you rolling.)


2. Are you doing at least one activity a day that fills your soul tank?

Be sure you are taking the time to walk hand-in-hand with a loved one, learn how to say hello in a new language, snuggle with your pup, or paint your toes a wild neon watermelon shade! When we take care of ourselves and focus on fueling our soul tank we lower our blood pressure, live a more fulfilled life and are also kinder to those around us.

Who doesn’t want more of all of the above?

So, take a few moments and review your “soul tank fuel” list and make sure your current passions are on that list!  Then, pepper them throughout your day/week!


3. Are you walking in your purpose?

One of the magical benefits of defining your purpose is you start to recognize when you are FULFILLING IT! You see it in the little things and the big moments.

I have a client whose purpose is to solve problems. She can’t help herself. She sees the matrix and is compelled to help others see it too! She called me last week – totally FIRED UP – to share how her “finding my purpose every single day” exercise was going. She started to list all of the moments she was “solving problems” in the last few weeks. She was ON FIRE sharing everything from helping her son pack his trunk “puzzle” to putting together a work back schedule for her wickedly detailed product launch. She could SEE herself walking in and leveraging her purpose. You could feel the electricity on the call! She was ALIVE and living her purpose. We could both “feel” the difference!


4. Have you reviewed how your niche statement is working for you?

Are you attracting your ideal clients now? Is your answer to “What do you do?” rolling off your tongue?

If you formulated a killer statement for your business goals, maybe now is the time to create one for your personal goals!


5. What goals (or tasks) have you accomplished?

If you wanted to write a book this year – how far have you gotten? Do you have an editor? An outline? A chapter written?

How about that goal to unplug more from your tech? (Yes, YOU!)  Are “turning the world down” when you are with your loved ones? Have you stopped “sleeping with your phone” – at least on the weekends? *wink*


Review and write down your successes and CELEBRATE THEM!

Far too often we breeze right past our achievements to start focusing on the “next thing”.

Break this draining habit NOW!




It’s time to CELEBRATE!

Now that you have reviewed and recapped your results…

  1. What needs to pivot?
  2. What needs to be refined?
  3. What do you need to LET GO of?

I’m excited for you to walk into the next six months with confidence and conviction.

If you need me – tweet me!

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