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Seize This! - Affirmation 45 - Debra Trappen
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Seize This! – Affirmation 45



This week’s affirmation is about living in the moment.

Are you ready? Repeat after me:

I am going to seize and savor each and every experience today.
I am worthy of magnificent moments!


Are you living in the moment or planning out the next one?
Are you experiencing your sacred moments or capturing and editing them on your phone?

Lioness, you know a major part of my purpose is to remind you to care for yourself, to take time and slow down… Confession – I still find it painful to step away sometimes, too.

The struggle is REAL. However, as I grow older, I have learned to stop listening to those voices (sooner) and BOOK IT – whether it is a mani/pedi date or a vacation with my hubby, besties, or both!

(Added 11/8/20) Right now, we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, so (by choice) our travel options are limited to road trips. As I type this, I am sitting in a condo on Lake Chelan in Washington State.  The change of scenery is heavenly. Drew and I have planned out days packed with soul sessions…  walks, water, and wine tasting will certainly help me fill my soultank!

On our drive here, I was thinking back over the last couple of years and reminded of one of my favorite trips – of all time. The trip was to visit some of our best friends who had moved to Minnesota. Drew was able to join me on this adventure and it included some amazing, soultank-filling moments… we intentionally created and took to 11!

First, I walked a llama (yes, a LLAMA, named Mizz Alaska!), painted pumpkins, rescued bugs from imminent death, built a fort, watched countless episodes of Fancy Nancy, and introduced my dear, divine God-nieces to The NeverEnding Story!

I enjoyed a Dairy Queen cone in 35° weather while driving through my family’s farm country with my Grammy and amazing hubby, nibbled homemade pumpkin bread paired with delish coffee and magnificent conversation, saw my Minnesota childhood home, enjoyed a candlelight dinner with live violin music (thank you, Miss Elie!), kissed boo-boos, raked LOTS leaves, bought and wrangled unicorns, brought home fairies, covered eyes during the scary parts of movies, introduced my awesome brother and incredible niece to framily, and so sooooo much more.

I took photos and waited until I got home to go through them, edit them, and post them.

I soaked it all it.  Every single second possible.

What moments or experiences are on your calendar that you are looking forward to? Make yourself a note – put it on your calendar – to BE PRESENT there.  Snap a few pix for posterity and then soak each divine moment in, my friend.

You will be so very happy you did.


Next week, I will share more about this adventure and another moxie-filled moment I experienced! 


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