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Moxie Chat: Meet Barb Betts * Compassionate. Loyal. Trustworthy. - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat - Barb Betts

Moxie Chat: Meet Barb Betts * Compassionate. Loyal. Trustworthy.


Today’s episode is part of the Fire Up Your MOXIE CHAT series here on the show. These 1:1 talks with vivacious, tenacious, courageous and divinely gracious women are listener favorites and truly FILL MY SOULTANK, too.

My guest is a dear friend, Barbara Betts!

Barb has been a licensed REALTOR® since 2003.  Together with her husband they own The Betts Realty Group, a boutique brokerage located in Long Beach, California. As a Broker/Owner she has a clear focus on building a brokerage for the future, with innovative ideas, creative thinking, and a family-like culture.  For her entire career, she has had a philosophy of “Real Estate by Relationship” where she has consistently built a business that has resulted in a steady stream of repeat and referral business. Recognized as a top producer, her true joy is in helping her clients reach their real estate goals, whether buying, selling, or investing. She has a passion for her industry and gives back by teaching and coaching other REALTORS® and is highly involved at the local, state and national levels.  In her spare time, you can find her at a dance event with her daughter or supporting her son in his professional baseball career.

During our chat, she shares how her dreams are starting to move to the top of her list and what she is doing to make it happen!



Learn a bit more about Barb through her sassy Q&A!


1. How do you define SUCCESS?

I am successful when I am being the best version of who I can be. I feel successful when I have momentum and consistency. I am successful when I am working towards my goals and making myself a better person.


2. Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST?

Compassionate, Loyal and Trustworthy
(I always show up and do what I say I’m gonna do!)


3. What is the best advice you have ever received?

“Just being myself is good enough to be great”


4. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

Oh my…..#1 I’m allergic to chocolate.  #2 Although I seem outgoing and super extraverted, I’m actually super shy…..until I know you.


5. If you could go back 11 years – what would you tell yourself?

Can we say 22 years ago?  I would tell that scared little girl…”It’s going to be okay”, “You can do this, you can be whoever you want to be”, “This is not how your story is going to end”,  “You are not a failure”, “You can do anything”


6. What is one habit you are trying to build?

Consistency. Hardest thing for me EVER!!!!!  


7. How do you make a difference in your client’s lives?

When you sell the American dream it’s easy! But all that aside, we make a huge difference by being their advocate, their trusted advisor, being the calm during the storm and helping them reach their personal and financial goals through owning Real Estate.


8. What does MOXIE mean to you?

Being fired up, and being YOU!


9. What does a “perfect day” in your life look/feel like?

Speaking, Training, Educating, Telling my story in order to impact and improve others lives.  I just want to help people be the best version of who they can be.


10. Do you use any of these daily practices?

Affirmations, Exercise, Daily Gratitude Journaling and I am Statements


11. What is your ONE WORD for the next 12 months? Why?

Growth–Growth in all areas…..Growing myself as a person, growing my company, growing my skills, growing my network, growing my opportunities.


Please check off which of these topics you are interested in talking about on the show:

Living aligned with your Core Values, Life Commitments + Goals: Setting them, Achieving them, Hacking them, Success: Defining it. Recognizing it. Celebrating it., Learning To Speak Your Grace-Filled Truth


Do you have a new book, product, or service launching soon?

Launching my education, training, speaking brand. Don’t know what it’s going to look like yet but I’m going to figure it out! :)




Connect with Barb:





Choose were you would like to listen here: debratrappen.com/fire-up-podcast

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