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Moxie Chat: Coni K Meyers * Resilient. Abundant. VERY Happy. * Author of Be Prepared, Be Ready! - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat: Coni K Meyers * Resilient. Abundant. VERY Happy. * Author of Be Prepared, Be Ready!


Today’s #MoxieChat guest is Coni K Meyers.

Coni and I met many years ago. This is her fourth visit to the Fire Up Podcast. You can check out our previous conversations here

Listen in on our conversation about her new book “When the Unthinkable Happens…Be Prepared! Be Ready”. It is a guide on the economic impact of disasters and crises on real estate, insurance, and other businesses. This book will teach us humanity, give us time to pause and change our course. We all can do our part and improve our businesses.

Get ready to be inspired!



Her 140 bio on IG: 

Leadership + Crisis Management Strategist. Speaker. Trainer. 5x (soon to be 6) Bestselling Author. Certified Life, Business + Leadership Coach. Online Course Author.


And the founder of the newly created CKM Preparedness Foundation!

More about her:

Coni Meyers, LMC, CBLC, CDC, Crisis Management Specialist, and Leadership Clarity Strategist, has spent over 40 years supporting thousands of individuals and businesses.

She is passionate about helping and creating mindful, visionary leaders that can overcome any crisis and disaster. Her unique background, combined with her experience as a FEMA inspector and trainer gives her an all-encompassing perspective for creating this certification. She saw a need to educate and prepare as many individuals as possible for all disasters. And so CKM Solutions Group was born!

Coni has helped take the National Home Inspection Company, WIN Home Inspections, and OnlineEd from the local markets to having a national presence. Additionally, she has owned four consulting companies and has earned three prestigious life and leadership coaching credentials.

Coni is the founder of CKM Solutions Group and Crystalline Moment Success Movement and Kickbutt Leadership. She recently launched a nonprofit CKM Preparedness Foundation. 

She is an international best-selling author, speaker and trainer. Her current work includes her new book When the Unthinkable Happens…Be Prepared, Be Ready! Coni is also a co-author of Leadership in Trying Times.

Without further ado, here’s Coni.


MoxieChat Highlights


1. What’s on your heart right now?  What are you working on?

Coni’s Answer:

I have spent the last couple of years on my vision of helping 30 million people be better prepared for disasters and other crises that affect our lives and businesses. If your business works with consumers and businesses you have an opportunity to not only save lives, property, and money by giving back but increase your business at the same time. Now is the time and opportunity for you to shine as a leader in your community. 

The numbers are staggering when it comes to what is happening to our world and people don’t want to think about preparedness, it’s like people not wanting to write a will because they have to think about dying. The pandemic has shown how important it is for us to be prepared.  61% of Americans believe they are going to be affected by a disaster or crisis in the next 3-5 years. Only 15%-30% have done any kind of preparation. And I can guarantee you that 30% really are not prepared. According to FEMA 75% of all businesses that are affected by a disaster will be out of business in 2 years if they do not have a plan. NOAA – 2016-2020 Weather-related disasters cost taxpayers $130.2 billion, 2021 $145.0 billion

2021 had 7.6 million acres burned from wildfires with fires as far east as Minnesota in the North and Kentucky and the Carolina’s in the Southeast. 

Man-made disasters are on the rise as well. When I wrote the course on man-made disasters, experts were saying that cyberattacks could cost $7.1 trillion, 2021  cyberattacks cost 7.1 trillion alone. The number of deaths from shootings went from 2019 with 12 Mass Shootings 247 casualties with 97 fatalities.  2021 693 incidents, 3545 casualties with 703 fatalities. Our power grid is in need of huge repairs that will cost trillions. 

In addition, it is important that we look at our carbon footprint and our role in climate change. Scientists are saying that it is possible that by 2030, 8 years from now if we don’t reduce the number of greenhouse gasses, it could be that climate change will be irreversible. We need to look at this as a huge crystalline moment with an opportunity for all of us to shine and make a huge difference. 

My new book – When the Unthinkable Happens…Be Prepared! Be Ready is a guide on the economic impact of disasters and crises on real estate, insurance and other businesses. This guide will teach us humanity, give us time to pause and change our course. We all can do our part and improve our businesses. Once the book is purchased there are 3 bonuses. Emergency communication form, Make a plan. Do the plan form and a 30% discount on the Crisis Knowledge Management Certification. 

Get Your Copy Here

2. Why is this book so important? 

Coni’s Answer:

I speak with people all the time that say we really don’t have that many risks in my area when it comes to disasters.. I live in Las Vegas but a nasty winter storm in New England will affect me. It is our tax dollars that are picking up the costs and our insurance prices go up no matter where we live when large claims need to be paid out. Some insurance experts are saying that homes could become uninsurable at some point in time.  There are already areas now that the only kind of insurance available is through the state funded FAIR plans, most of which are taxpayer based programs. What happens to the real estate industry if that happens. What happens to the ability to buy a home? In addition, when we think about preparedness there are many other things than disasters that we can prepare for that could go wrong in our lives and businesses. This book addresses what needs to be done in many different scenarios. There is a silver lining in this book.

Victims and first responders will tell you the most important thing you need to have is a resilient mindset when the unthinkable happens. I  talk about resilient mindset, communication and leadership which apply to all aspects of our lives. . When I talk about preparedness, look at risk factors such as illness, loss of a job or business, divorce, etc. What you will learn in this book will help you for all kinds of events that can happen. The most important thing we need to know is that everything starts with mindset. If we are prepared, if we have drilled and if we have a plan for recovery we are going to be resilient no matter what happens. Being resilient keeps us moving forward. We look at how we can build back better.  In the emergency, world resiliency is used when looking at infrastructure, community and businesses. They are always looking at what they can mitigate, build better and do to prevent events from destroying. Communities. This book will help to create resiliency in how we think about all aspects of our lives. 


3. How can this book make a difference in people’s lives? 

Coni’s Answer:

If you are prepared, if you help your community be better prepared you can save lives, save property and lots of money. When you look at what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and be more sustainable you will be protecting the planet for your children, your grandchildren and for some of us our great grandchildren. I have to say I would think twice if I were young today and thinking about having children. BUT we can change what is happening and make a difference. What would you rather do, put your head in the sand and not think about it, or be a part of the solution. What is beautiful, if you choose the latter, whatever business you are in you will become a hero. If you are in a real estate or a related industry, you could be saving your industry. That is how important this is! PLUS now you have a huge opportunity. When someone wants your services just who are they going to call. THEY ARE GOING TO CALL YOU. 

4. You mentioned this book can be white-labeled.  What is the benefit of white labeling?

Coni’s Answer:

I designed this book as a tool that can be used to help communities. I want people to take this book to their schools, churches, civic organizations, staff, teams, clients and customers. I want them to use it to increase their business. You can white label the book and add your information to the book plus add a chapter about why you want to give back and why you are passionate about the work you do. Each time they look at their emergency kits (by the way you need at least 4) and their emergency plans they are going to remember you and thank you for providing for their family and community.

If you don’t want to white label the book, simply staple a business card to the book and you will  be remembered.  This book will go with the manuals for the house.  This is not the kind of book that is going to go on a bookshelf never to be looked at again. They are reminded in the book to review their plans and kits a minimum of once a year. 

If you want to take it one step further and become the expert in your area, become a CKM Advisor and you will receive monthly tools you can take out to your clients and communities. Each month then you have something new to offer that truly makes a difference. For those that want to do this, we have 3 bonuses you receive when purchasing the book and one of them is a 30% discount for taking the certification.  

5. In 2020, these were the THREE WORDS you used to describe yourself – any changes? 


October 2020: Resilient. Motivational. Happy.

2022: Resilient, Abundance and VERY Happy

6. What does MOXIE mean to you today?

Coni’s Answer:

Moxie means not giving up. Not being afraid to step up to the plate and do the right thing. 30 million people being better prepared means I need a tribe and I won’t get that tribe without a big dose of moxie. 

7. What is ONE WORD guiding you right now?

Coni’s Answer: Abundance



8. Call to action for the community?

Do you have a freebie they can download? 

Go to CKMSolutionsGroup.com and download Make a Plan! Do the Plan! 





Final Words of Wisdom:

It has the first steps you need to take to start you on the path of being resilient and prepared. Take one simple step. I love Mel Robbins 5-second rule. GO!!  Don’t be a preparedness procrastinator! 


Listen in to Coni’s answers to these rapid-fire up questions:

  1. Where did you go on your last vacation?
  2. What is your favorite breakfast food?
  3. One subject you would like to learn more about.
  4. What is your favorite nickname?
  5. Complete this sentence: My soultank is full when ______________.



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