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Moxie Chat: Ginger Wilcox * Passionate. Driven. Caring. - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat: Ginger Wilcox * Passionate. Driven. Caring.


Today’s Moxie Chat guest is Ginger Wilcox.

She is a Mom, Marketer, Lover of Social, Spreadsheets, Spinning & the Beach!

Ginger Wilcox is a startup veteran and recognized leader in the real estate, mortgage and fintech industries. She’s plowed fresh ground with disruptive companies and new business models and is known for solving tough business problems with her innovative approach to strategy and growth.

Ginger is currently the Chief Experience Officer at Home Point Financial, one of the fastest growing nonbank lenders in the United States. In 2019, Home Point Financial funded more than $22B in mortgage loans and serviced more than 200,000 customers.

6 weeks into her first CxO job at Home Point Financial – COVID-19 struck. She is going to share how they moved all their associates home, celebrated the biggest origination month in history, had a massive number of our customers lose their jobs, and how she kept it together through it all.

Without further ado, here’s Ginger.


MoxieChat Highlights


How do you define SUCCESS?

Success is the act of achieving what you’ve set out to do. It’s not a static achievement, it’s constantly evolving.


Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST and why!

Passionate – I’m cause-driven.

Driven – When I want something, I go get it.

Caring – I care deeply (sometimes too deeply) about others.


What is one habit you are trying to build?



What does MOXIE mean to you?



What is the ONE WORD guiding you right now?



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