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Moxie Chat: Judy Weber * Driven. Encourager. Disciplined. - Debra Trappen
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Moxie Chat: Judy Weber * Driven. Encourager. Disciplined.


Today’s moxie chat guest is Judy Weber.


She is a self-professed Jesus following, fempreneur making leader, who loves the beach, being a business coach, success strategist, and thought-leader, and enjoys being a fun-loving, hard-working, get things done kinda woman!

During our chat we talk about our shared passion for empowering women, how she claims her own success, and what the light bulb moments in her coaching calls mean to her!

Without further ado, here is Judy!


MoxieChat Highlights


1. How do you define SUCCESS?

Success looks different for different people. Success to me is doing your ‘genius’ every single day and impacting people you were meant to serve! 


2. Share the THREE WORDS that describe you BEST and why!

Driven: I don’t stop til I hit my goal or meet a challenge I set for myself.

Encourager: it comes naturally to me..what can I say?

Disciplined: I do what needs to be done, even when I don’t want to do it…no one has to tell me to do it.


3. What is the best advice you have ever received?

Trust Jesus!  


4. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I have 6 boys! 


5. If you could go back 11 years – what would you tell yourself?

Take. Your. Time. (remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day….) 


6. What is one habit you are trying to build?

Time-blocking…sticking to a schedule.


7. How do you make a difference in your client’s lives?

I provide client service like no other…supporting them and providing proven strategies to build their businesses as far as they want to…all while building their confidence and helping them to see the beauty inside them:)  


8. What does MOXIE mean to you?

spice…determination….attitude (in the best sense of the term:)


9. What does a “perfect day” in your life look/feel like?

a perfect day is spent with my loved ones….relaxing on the beach (any beach) 


10. Do you use any of these daily practices?

Affirmations, Prayer                                  


11. What is your ONE WORD for the next 12 months? Why?


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