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#MoxieMemo - Debra Trappen
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A collection of #MoxieMemo posts via Instagram…



  • Your body and soul hear everything your mind says Pleasehellip
  • Some sass and moxie for you today We often forgethellip
  • My Dearest You dont need a perfect plan BREATHE Havehellip
  • MoxieMemo You were born with a PURPOSE You woke uphellip
  • Shine your light Share your journey When you are courageoushellip
  • My Dearest You dont need a perfect plan BREATHE Havehellip
  • Todays MoxieMemo Repeat after me I am not afraid tohellip
  • Todays MoxieMemo She has the values of a Queen Thehellip
  • Happy Thursday! Are you ready to fire up? Repeat afterhellip
  • Darlings If I asked you to name all the thingshellip
  • Repeat after me Do not underestimate me I have purposehellip
  • Todays MoxieMemo Failure is an opportunity to learn grow andhellip
  • Happy FireMeUp11 Friday! Ready to FIRE UP and fill yourhellip
  • pssst Todays MoxieMemo is for you Yes  YOU! Embracehellip
  • When focusing on where you have been is no longerhellip
  • This lady debra11 has changed my life!! If you needhellip