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Hello, Beloved!

It's here! Today, I celebrate 9 years + 11 days in business. Wow!

For the last few years, I have been going through a divine transformation. While my life's Work and desire continue to be for you to live as the best version of yourself - out loud, on purpose, and on your own terms... the "how" has been shifting and changing.

These last two years have been packed with intense learning and experiences with each and every emotion. Like many of you, I have been continually tested in ways I never would or could have imagined... and it has propelled me into this very exciting season with lightning speed.

More to come on what's next... including a fresh group program I am opening up later this week!

This year, to celebrate, I am gifting a soul download for those days you need deeper self-care, 50% off on all of my digital products, and (as always) highlighting some of my dearest's podcasts and products, too.

Ooooooodles of love and blessings coming your way, my fiery, feisty, fierce friend.

Digital Products

Use the Code:
Moxie9 and receive
50% off all products today!

It brings me joy to bless you with something on this special day!


Please enjoy this gift of the soul-filling ritual I soak in on my self-care days. I pray it helps you pause and brings you peace and perspective.

Click the image to start the download process.

Join me and support women-owned businesses!

My Lioness Sister, Molly is the founder!

Do you and/or your beloveds adore tea?
Each one of Molly's blends is carefully crafted with the highest quality plants and herbs. Give the gift of Intentionaliteas this holiday season!

Click the image + use the code FIERCE for a discount.

My Lioness Sister, Shelley is the founder!

This one is for my real estate agent friends.

NA365 has hand-picked some of the best trainers in the industry to teach new agents the skills, mentality, and systems they need to achieve amazing success in their first year in Real Estate.

Click to learn more!

My Lioness Sister, Heather is the founder!

I am obsessed with this lipstick. It is EVERYTHING proof... Missing lipstick behind your mask? You will LOVE THIS! The Sexiest Beauty high-performance long-wear formulas deliver power for hours.

Click the image + use the code
MOXIE20 for a discount.

My Lioness Sister, Ameeta is the founder!

Readability is an award-winning Reading & Comprehension Learning App your child can use for reading help anytime, anywhere.

Readability makes it easy to learn new words and their meaning with a personalized vocabulary list for your child.

Click to learn more!

My Lioness Niece, Aubrey is the founder!

Her small boutique curates collections of handmade and ethically sourced items for your home + beloveds.
If you are looking for a gift -start here. The incense is amazing and the hair perfume is a personal favorite!

Click the image + use the code MOXIE11 for a discount.

Pop in your earbuds and listen to juicy conversations between wise women...

Earlier this year, I joined a beloved lioness sister, Christine for a chat on Clubhouse and met her divine co-host Betti Russo. We dished about core values, the process I take people through, and how that supports the “know-like-trust” factor they talked about on the show. When they launched their podcast (a fabulous thing to come out of the Clubhouse-Pandemic Fever) they invited me on for another chat.

In June, we encouraged listeners to join them in defining their core values.

In August, Christine and Betti shared the results of their core values exercise journey.

In September, they had a chat with 
Cindy Carava - a magnificent lioness who went through the process and shared inspiring insights.

Beloveds, I encourage you to take the time this week to listen to these conversations… and step into the self-discovery journey with these magical women.

Have you heard Katie Lance's podcast lately?

She has added a series of interviews with inspiring humans... and there is something for everyone here!

I love her podcast description:

"Some of you know me as a social media strategist, speaker, author, or entrepreneur, but, like so many of us, I wear multiple other hats. In this podcast, I plan to share with you more about what makes me tick, my backstory, how I think about business, parenting and so much more. Of course, this wouldn't be a Katie Lance podcast if we didn't talk about social media from time to time!"

This sums it up perfectly!

Browse the episodes and listen here.

Shit We Don’t Talk About with Mia Voss is the podcast that takes on topics we should be talking about more often and openly.

Guests and topics will be incredibly diverse, sometimes painful, sometimes joyful but all things we need to talk about candidly to keep us all informed and connected.

Shit we don’t talk about is for everyone. It’s time we speak up because we can’t begin to change shit if we don’t talk about it.

Subscribe to her podcast here:

Catch Up on Spill the Tea + Moxie Chats!

What is Spill the Tea?

One of the many fun collaborations between Molly McKinley and me!

Tuesdays at 6pm PT, we are usually together sipping something delish and getting ready to weave in intentional breathing and meditation moments as we spill the tea about books we're reading, lessons we're learnings, honoring the divine feminine energy around and in us, and soaking in a soul session with the weekly moxie affirmation!

Click the image to start listening...

Learn more about MoxieOnFire.com – one of our other exciting collaborations!

Looking for some inspiration?

Over the years, I have been blessed to interview hundreds of divine humans and shine a light on their stories and wisdome.

These 1:1 talks with vivacious, tenacious, courageous and divinely gracious women are a Fire Up! podcast listener favorite and inspire my soul to dance, too.

Click the image to start listening.

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