Are you longing for deeper clarity, connection, collaboration, and celebration with your friends?

Gather Your Divine Sisterhood Circle


Are you ready to take your friendships to the next level?

Divine Sisterhood Circles combine coaching and masterminding with a sprinkling of group therapy hosted by Debra Trappen. This sacred program is designed by women, with women, and for women.

You are already gathering your sisterhood together. Maybe it's once a month, once a quarter, or once a year... You've been through a lot together - marriages, divorces, babies, no babies, loss, love, joy... you've felt it all together. Now, it's time to take your connection to the next level.

Debra will lovingly guide you and your circle of women on a journey to uncover your most authentic self and celebrate the power of your feminine energy that has been told to hide, be quiet or "calm down" over the years. 

During this time together, you will prioritize your values, find out what fills your soul and uncover your purpose. Debra will then guide you on how to weave these precious elements into your days ahead by declaring your success, defining values-aligned goals, taming your self-talk, embracing gratitude, and so much more.

Your circle is already your "truth-telling advisory board" and this time together will allow them to get to know you on a deeper level. This time together will allow them to support you on your journey at a whole new level.

If your friendship circle desires a trusted, experienced, vetted guide that will offer you robust, relevant advice in an intentionally and gracefully facilitated environment with the highest and best for all at the center - this is for you.

We design each circle's content to ignite unparalleled opportunities for growth and joy in all of the luscious, soulful layers of your lives. You will be ready to step out and confidently live out loud, on purpose, and on your own terms.

We are booking for February 2023 start dates.


Divine Topics We Cover

When we gather in our circle, we will weave these topics into our conversations...

Life Layers

You will start by rating each luscious layer of your life, assigning a goal to each one, and doing intentional check ins throughout the process.

Core Values

Get ready to define, refine, and prioritize your personal core values. You will also write life-giving statements and implement a check in system to truly infuse them.

Soul-Filling Time

Do you know what you love to do for fun or have a passion project you adore sharing? You will put together your soul-filling list and sprinkle it into your calendar!

Your Calling

When you know what your purpose is - it makes every single day feel more lived and precious. We'll take the time to uncover yours - walking through a series of questions together.

Defining Success 

It's time to ditch comparing yourself to others and finally define what success truly means to you. You will also compile a list of topics you want to mentor and be mentored on!

Living In Gratitude

You hear how important this is and during our time together Debra will share tools and resources to help you embrace gratitude... in every moment, in every season - every day.

Life Commitments

This isn't a typical "goal-setting" session. You will dig into what you truly want in life, connect it to your values, and be on your way to creating a vision board to help you manifest it!

Guiding Words

You will walk through the process of choosing your guiding word for the months ahead. Then bring it to life with a visually delicious activity you can post and/or share with the world to keep you inspired!

General Session Flow:

  • 10 min intro, setting of expectations, and centering exercises
  • 55 min theme-based discussion
  • 10 min wrap up

Circle Sessions Overview:

Session 1 - Connecting. Reviewing Your Life Layers. Core Values

Session 2 - Nurturing Your Soul. Honoring Your Calling.

Session 3-5 - Based on topics above and announced privately

Divine Sisterhood Circles are for you when...

  • You want to take your friendships to a deeper level
  • You want to understand how to have empowering thoughts and emotions that propel you forward
  • You want to align your words, goals, and plans with your values
  • You want to focus on and achieve something you want in life
  • You want to feel grateful and joyful every day regardless of what you do or don't achieve
  • You want to attract and cultivate fulfilling connections
  • You want to banish limiting beliefs

Rave Reviews

"Worth every penny! Debra’s process really provided clarity and taught me how to shine a light on the who, what, when, and where I needed to define to move forward in growing my business... and how to embrace the grace along the way. She knows how to fire you up while providing loving and supportive, yet firm guidance. Debra helps you ask yourself the tough questions and how to listen for the answers. I feel empowered, equipped, and fired up to live my best life out loud and on purpose!"

~Jennifer S.

"Debra went over the process of identifying and prioritizing our values. I absolutely loved the energy, passion, and thought-provoking examples she bought. You’ve heard the saying, out of sight, out of mind. Well, this exercise reminded me how important it is to have my values written down in plain eyesight where I could review them frequently, to make sure I am doing those things that I say are important to me. It also makes me aware of when I might be violating one of those core values. Thank you Debra for this worthwhile exercise!"

~Sheryl H.

"Debra embodies what she teaches and inspires all those who have the pleasure of crossing her path.

Her mission to lift, support, encourage, and empower women through the work she does is remarkable, inspiring, and lasting.

As a consultant, she has proven to be one of the very best.

She is courageous, gracious, tenacious, vivacious, and has the keen ability to connect with you."

~Ameeta J.

Time Investment Required

Five 75-Minute Sessions * 6+ hours in the circle

We have FIVE sessions in our circle that will last 75-minutes each. You will get the most out of the program if you attend each one of the sessions live.

If you are unable to attend, you will be able to access a sacred recording to catch up.

Me-Work Time * 1+ hour a week

Following each session, there will be personal work for you to complete on your own. Your commitment to set aside this time is crucial and will add incredible richness to the circle.

We recommend you create a recurring date on your calendar to keep this promise to yourself and your circle.

Financial Investment Required

Gather Your Virtual Circle

  • Wild Women Welcome Kit
  • 5- 75-minute Virtual Circle Sessions (via zoom)
  • Digital Workbook
  • Fire Up! Book - digital + signed copy for each of you
  • Two Circle Check-Ins w/ Debra


(Individual coaching packages available, starting at $7500.)

Need a scholarship?

From time to time we have women who step up and offer to cover the financial investment of another. If you or a friend would like to apply for this assistance, please click the button below.

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Want to cook up something special?

Want to put a custom "in-person" gathering together for your community? Schedule a chat with Debra to vision-cast options and hear about upcoming 2022 retreats with her collaboration partner Molly, too!

Chat with Debra

About Your Guide

I’m Debra Trappen.

It is an extraordinary honor to be the founder and leader of these Divine Sisterhood Circles!

I am blessed to be a gatherer of women, intuitive guide, healer, writer, retreat creator, and an advocating voice for waking the divine feminine inside all of us. My calling is to help you ignite the divine soul fire inside, live aligned, and step up and into your power and purpose.

I am a lover of wild, wise women, soul sessions, haikus, books, magic, moxie, tea + wine.

Over the years, I have helped thousands of women uncover their truths, define their values, fill their souls with joy, and build a life they are confidently living out loud, on purpose, and on their own terms.

If you want to do the same, you are in the right place.

Trying to decide if this is a HOLY YES for you?

Schedule a chat with Debra to talk it out and uncover if this is a fit for you!


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