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I have read several posts, quotes, and seen giggle-inducing pics regarding and celebrating Women's Equality Day. Many of them reminded me we have a long way to go. Here is the thing - I believe WE can each make a difference in our circles...

Right now.  This very moment. Choose to be UNSTOPPABLE.  Focus on your goal.  Trust Yourself.  Be Courageous. Believe you are worthy! The next two days I am blessed to be part of four events - ALL focused on engaging, elevating and empowering people who are ready to reach their potential and connect with a core support group that will sustain and lift them along the way. Are you investing in yourself? Do you have solid, intentional champions in your life who carry you when you need it, kick you in the tooshie when you require it and allow you to speak into them, as well? If the answer is yes, celebrate that success. Inspire someone to do the same.  If the answer...