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One of my favorite questions to ask others - especially leaders: How full is your soultank, right now?   [caption id="attachment_20561" align="alignright" width="372"] Popular #soultank activities in the Fire Up Community: wine tasting, practicing yoga, running, golfing, singing karaoke, hiking, laughing, entertaining friends/family, walking dogs, fishing, reading, cooking, grilling…. the list is endless! {Need help formulating your #soultank list? Click this pic for a fun post to guide you!}[/caption] Followed by...

Nearly every week I have conversations with friends or clients about defining their "WHY".   [caption id="attachment_6001" align="alignright" width="195"] This was one of the first books that encouraged me to look at how my WHY (or my purpose) could INSPIRE others![/caption] I have ooooodles of conversations that include questions and answers like these: Q1: Do I need it? A1: You don't need a WHY statement to live, but I believe having one equips you to live a life with focus and intentionally leveraging your true purpose. Q2: Why does a "why statement" matter? A2: It matters because is creates clarity for every decision you make. Q3: It seems impossible to really define my why - do people really do it? A3: Yes,...