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What's Up With #BreveTV Uncorked? New Day. New Time. Fun Vision. Same Mission. - Debra Trappen
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What’s Up With #BreveTV Uncorked? New Day. New Time. Fun Vision. Same Mission.

You may or may not already know about BreveTV… a show I co-host with Kelly Mitchell (aka The Caffeinator).  

BreveTV was created to share rich conversations from today’s thought leaders in business, entertainment and everyday life.  The show highlights successes, strategies and insights on how they are making a difference in their lives, businesses and community.  You have a front row seat gaining insights in branding, marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, changing roles, mobile, technology and the constant changes in communication. 

You, our fabulous audience, asked and Kelly and I listened.  Based on popular demand BreveTV moves to Wednesdays at 6pm PT (that’s 7pm MT * 8pm CT * 9pm ET… and 3am Thursday in Paris!) and the launch will include a new W.O.W. factor.

This fabulous new adventure begins Wednesday, May 21st.

The show’s topic focus’ will continue to speak into women who are leading in life and business.  Of course, we welcome men who enjoy our advice/banter, want to understand a woman’s perspective more, or are just plain open to something new!  It was also “decided” to start including a glass of wine and taking the perspective of a relaxing attitude while accomplishing the work at hand to add a more festive environment for all.  Wine is a mutual passion, so the plan is to celebrate different vintners on each episode. Thus our new moniker, BreveTV UNCORKED.

Kelly and I are also thrilled to be working on some new programming and taking this new approach with the show.  Thank you for offering your opinions, giving us the support to simply make everything more enjoyable, and for sprinkling your spice on our show’s journey!

Sssshhhhh… there will be additional changes later in the summer, including syndicating the show as a podcast. YES, a podcast!  Kelly and I know how busy you are and it’s not always feasible to be sitting in from of the device watching… so soon you will be able to get BreveTV via iTunes and beyond.

As always, your suggestions for guests are appreciated!  You will see more fabulously fresh and feisty faces as we move forward into the new “uncorked” season.

Finally, #BreveTV is currently considering sponsorships. It is clearly the next steps to move this show forward, to reinvest in what we are creating, and make our vision-board dreams REALITY!

Thank you for your support, love and dedication.  Kelly and I appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to your direct feedback, delicious ideas, and divine evolution.



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