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Clarity In Chaos Program - Debra Trappen
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Clarity in Chaos Program Overview:



Are you ready to refine, revive, or reinvent yourself?

Are you ready to connect with your calling?

Are you feeling lost and ready to find some clarity in the chaos?

Are you ready to find and share your voice with your ideal audience?


During our time together, you will have more clarity about what you value, how to leverage and infuse what fills your soultank, what your calling is, and who you are meant to serve in your business. You will also have a clear picture of how to attract and find your ideal clients to build a business that fires you up and confidently live your favorite life out loud, on purpose, and on your own terms.


Examples of topics covered:


Life Layers
You will start by rating each luscious layer of your life, assigning a goal to each one, and doing intentional check-ins throughout the process.


Core Values
Get ready to define, refine, and prioritize your personal core values. You will also write life-giving statements and implement a check in system to truly infuse them.


Soul-Filling Time
Do you know what you love to do for fun or have a passion project you adore sharing? You will put together your soul-filling list and sprinkle it into your calendar!


Your Calling
When you know what your purpose is – it makes every single day feel more lived and precious. We’ll take the time to uncover yours – walking through a series of questions together.


Defining Success
It’s time to ditch comparing yourself to others and finally define what success truly means to you. You will also compile a list of topics you want to mentor and be mentored on!


Living In Gratitude
Get ready for tools and resources to help you embrace gratitude… in every moment, in every season – every day.


Life Commitments
This isn’t a typical “goal-setting” session. You will dig into what you truly want in life, connect it to your values, and be on your way to creating a vision board to help you manifest aligned living!


Guiding Words
You will walk through the process of choosing your guiding word for the months ahead.  Then bring it to life with a visually delicious activity you can post and/or share with the world to inspire you!

Time and Financial Investment:


Time Investment:

  • Three 90-minute intuitive consulting sessions*
  • Three 30-minute follow-up calls at 4, 8, and 12 weeks after our final consulting session


Program Investment:  $3000


*If you prefer one long session to talk it out and walk through this process – instead of scheduling three sessions – let’s talk!

Group Option:


If this is out of your budget or you prefer to do your development in an intimate collective of friends, consider bringing me to your soulful group for a Divine Sisterhood Circle experience!

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