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speaking - Debra Trappen
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Motivation + Inspiration+ Activation

Are you seeking a professional speaker for your next sales rally, leadership retreat, or conference?

Ready to wow your sales team, leadership and attendees with a professional, sassy, edutainment-style speaker?

Debra’s Fire Up! Talks are delivered with energy and passion, so whether you are looking to inspire your audience with ways to fire up their personal brand, tell their story to uncover ideal clients, engage with impact and intention online, define and ignite their goals…  or you need a motivational guide to take “lifestyle marketing” and break it down into actionable tasks that build relationships and improve the bottom line…

Debra will design a custom message for you and your audience!    

Current Keynote/Speaking TopicsLuigi Favaro, OREA, Ontario Real Estate Association
Each of these topics can be presented as 60-90 minute keynote talks, as well as 2-3 hour workshops.  Additional details below…

  • Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11
    • Define. Clarify. Attract. Grow.  Leveraging your personal brand to build a life and business that fires you up!
  • Fire Up!  Keys To Ignite And Achieve Your Goals
    • 11 tips and tools to help you set and achieve your goals!
  • Fire Up! Taking Your Networking to 11
    • Define. Clarify. Prepare. Shine.  Leveraging your personal brand’s core four to design a networking and connecting plan that fires you up!
  • Fire Up! Keys To Designing A Prosperous Year
    • Clarify Your Vision.  Refresh Your Attitude.  Energize Your Business.




Fire Up!  Taking Your Life and Business to 11…

Fire Up! KeynoteThis talk shares tips, tools, and truths on how to define your personal brand, niche message and voice, clarify goals and grow your influence to attract your ideal clients through a simple social media strategy.


Fire Up! Taking Your Life and Business to 11… does a deep dive into the concepts shared in this keynote talk. Click the image for a FREE chapter of the book!

Debra’s easily adaptable concepts, timely and relevant resources and ability to translate key learnings into an action plan will take your engagement and connections to 11. Get ready for a strategy that provides an exception experience for your friends and followers and ultimately builds a prosperous business on and offline.

Talk Overview: The essence of who we are, what drives us, and fires us up are key elements we rarely take the time to define and refine… let alone intentionally infuse in our life and online messaging.  This talk shares tips, tricks, and truths to get you on your way!

Debra will share how nurturing your personal brand, sharing your story, and leveraging select social media platforms will help you take your relationships to a whole new level and build a thriving, prosperous business and life that fires you up!

Talk Highlights:

  • Defining Your Core Four: Values + Soul Tank Fuel + Purpose + Niche Statement
  • How to translate your top business goal into a simple social media strategy
  • What tapping into the power of social media engagement REALLY look likes…

There is also a 6-hour Fire Up! Workshop available.  

This is ideal if you are looking for a life and business changing event for your organization.  Let’s rally and wrangle your local affiliates and business partners to put together THE EVENT of the year!  If you have multiple regions – let’s chat about doing a road show tour!


Fire Up!  Keys To Ignite And Achieve Your Goals…

Goals.  Visions.  Dreams.  Intentions.  Resolutions.  Objectives.Fire Up! Goals

We all know goals, and the tasks and actions that stem from them, get us closer to living our very best life and running a prosperous business. Debra will share some of her favorite tips, tools and truths to help you shake up perspectives on how to set goals, ignite positive attitudes by renewing mindsets, and spark success in the year ahead with clear, actionable steps.

Talk Highlights:

  • Uncover if your goals are the right ones for right now
  • How to leverage your values and goals to makes decisions
  • Why framing your goals makes a difference
  • Visual tips to help you achieve your dreams and goals

Fire Up! Taking Your Networking to 11…

Fire Up - NetworkingTalk Goal:  Networking… oh, bittersweet networking!  The word alone sends shivers down many spines.  It can be awkward, not many people are “good” at small talk, and meeting strangers makes most people anxious.

We ask ourselves: Will other people like me? Will I have something interesting to share?  Is this worth my time?

Now is the time to clarify your core four, define your goals, lift your confidence, share your BEST self, and set yourself up to create memorable moments and success for years to come!

Talk Highlights:

  • Clarify and define your personal core four, goals and how to translate them into your networking
  • Social media tips to prepare for and follow up after the party
  • Choosing your “best” guest
  • Tap into the power of being memorable


Fire Up! Keys To Designing A Prosperous Year

Clarify Your Vision.  Refresh Your Attitude.  Energize Your Business.Fire Up - Prosperous Year

Are you ready to take your business to another level this year?
Do you and/or your sales organization have the right mindset and specific goals to make that happen?

In this talk, Debra shares tips, tech tools, and truths on how to design your most prosperous year yet by energizing your business strategy, renewing your mind, and refreshing your attitude…

Join Debra and get ready to be FIRED UP!

Talk Highlights:

  • How to clarify your personal and business brand vision, focus and goals
  • How to infuse giving back to grow your community and business
  • How switching a few key networking habits will take you from forgettable to memorable

Fire Up! Building, Attracting & Retaining Teams with Social Media:

Real talk on how to recruit and retain ALL of the generations… using social media!


Words from recent FIRE UP event attendees and clients!

Nicolette Jason Pantana, Coldwell Banker Real Estate, Village Real Estate



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