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Stop Dreading Mondays! - Debra Trappen
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Focus on doing what you love and you won't dread Mondays!

Stop Dreading Mondays!

Today’s #MoxieMemo is here to serve you and help shake up the trend on Monday Dread in our streams.

Together, let’s shift mindsets and inspire each other to thrive and focus on doing what we love… and if we aren’t doing what we love now, finding what we LOVE in what we are currently doing.

{I get it – the struggle is real and recognizing not every season is roses and champagne is important.}

However, my lovelies, always remember:
Your words have power.
Your posts have power.

They shape your mindset for the day and week ahead… and those of your tribe.

What you focus on flourishes.

Choose wisely the words you consume and share.

Have fun igniting your world!




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