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Are you ready for the truth? #FireMeUp11 #tbh - Debra Trappen
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Are you ready for the truth? #FireMeUp11 #tbh

Do YOU tell the truth?

Do you WANT the truth?

This week I was challenged by Kevin Gerald of Champions Centre. His Sunday message was called “To Be Honest” (#tbh) and – to be honest – he was singing my song to me – OUT LOUD!

He masterfully wove insights together like:2015-02-15 10.23.35-1

  • Always have a “truth table” in your life where everyone feels comfortable to sit (including YOU)
  • Some of the best things happen when people decide to be honest
  • Come open and ready to HEAR and TELL truths to each other
  • Remember it is not always easy being the truth teller OR the truth receiver – so give each other grace
  • Don’t wait for a major crisis or issue to visit the “truth table”

Truth be told: I love confronting issues.  
Notice I didn’t say I like issues. 

I revel in being a truth-teller and tackling the topics most people want to gloss over.  My inner circle will definitely confirm this is a solid element of my personal brand. It feels good being the first to listen to the “I’ve been wronged” story and then saying – let’s not talk about “them” or what they did wrong – let’s be a shining example of the higher road. Let’s be the change or ideal behavior (or the fresh breath) we wish to see and experience.

If a friend fouls (or her toosh does look big in those pants) – I tell her what I really think/believe. 

It isn’t always FUN and is often uncomfortable to be a truth-teller, but it is ALWAYS worth it. 


When we gossip – or behave poorly – our real friends call us out and tell us the truth…
Correcting us and making us better.

Most of us desire to be the best friend we can be, right?

We want our friends to be their BEST SELVES. 

I understand… it really does feel like support when we jump in the negative chatter.  Gossip is easy to get sucked into and traveling down the rabbit hole with our friends feels like showing solidarity.  The reality is, no good comes from talking poorly about other people, focusing on the negative or trying to pull people down in their moments of success.  Even when someone has “done wrong by you“, it rarely feels good once the gossip session is over. It feels even worse when these people find out about the words share behind their back.  UGH.

Now, let’s be real.  I get it.  Really I do.

The alternative to the above is uncomfortable and scary

It usually hurts to get called out for poor choices, bad attitudes or stale mindsets, so being the person to shine a light on indiscretion isn’t our ideal role in life.  So, what if we look at it differently? What if we flip the description to being “the friend who brings out the BEST in others and inspires greatness – no matter how hard it seems”?

Don’t lose sight of the positive side of being a truth-teller:
We become stronger when we know the truth.
We grow wiser and better in those moments.
We are more equipped to accomplish our destiny. 

I dare you embrace this mindset and behavior… and infuse it into your personal brand.

Start by creating a safe place for your loved ones to pour truth into you.

Be the truth-teller in your friends lives. 

Go where so few people ever go.
Be brave. 
Be courageous. 

Encourage your friends to become better. 

Become your BEST SELF. 

Your daily truth challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to ask yourself this question: 

What can I do today to facilitate a safe place for honest conversations in my life?


Want to share the TRUTH CHALLENGE on your social networks? Here is a fun graphic to use:


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