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Are You Ready To Pursue Your Purpose? #FireMeUp11 - Debra Trappen
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Are You Ready To Pursue Your Purpose? #FireMeUp11

We all know “Firing Up Your Personal Brand” takes time, patience, and consistency.  Please don’t get overwhelmed… just take it one step, one day at a time.  To make it easier, I created a list of 25 personal branding “tips, tools, and truths” for you and plan to dig into each of them along the way!

So, let’s start at the very beginning of the list…

(you are welcome for getting that song in your head! *wink*)


In any given moment, we have ooooodles of choices about what we are going to do. Each choice either serves our purpose or it doesn’t – it is that simple. So many of us postpone pursuing and embracing our purpose by telling ourselves things like: “I will get to it later” or “When I have more time I will figure that out”.  As a result, too many of us navigate life feeling overwhelmed by our responsibilities and self-doubts… and live completely disconnected from a sense of real purpose.

Still need to understand why pursuing, living in, and embracing your purpose MATTERS?

Here are 11 reasons:


Your purpose and your actions are a major part of what defines you. If you are not doing this, you are likely allowing others to “direct your path” and define you.



When people who look up to you see you living in your purpose you will ignite and inspire them to follow their own.  How amazing is that?



When you embrace your purpose – your authentic self – you have no competition. It allows you to STOP worrying about others and focus on what matters. WhenYouEmbraceYourAuthenticSelf



Following your purpose makes you magnetic. People are drawn to working with you.  Period.



The unknown of following your purpose can definitely spark a little fear…  This is okay.  A bit of fear has been known to make you feel more ALIVE.  Fritz Perls said, “Fear is really just excitement without the breath.” What does that mean?  Simply put – keep breathing!  Take a step into it.  Reset your mind to think of the fear as the energy you need to take the next step.



When you relate to your “work” it is much easier to tap into your creative flow.  Being forced to do work that does not fulfill us is incredibly draining and stressful – two creativity killers. If you are feeling tapped – take a look at how your “job” relates to your purpose.


7. PEACE OF MIND.peace-it-does-not-mean-to-be-in-a-place-where-there-is-no-noise-trouble-or-hard-work

It will be easier to center yourself and find balance.  Your negative stress will lower, your health will improve, as well as that cranky mood you have been spreading.



When you make the commitment to your life’s purpose – you will open up to becoming financially independent. You don’t have to immediately leave your job.Look for ways to infuse your purpose in your current job.

If you decide to look for a new job, embark on a new career path, or start your own business – focused on your purpose – there is nothing saying you have to plunge feet first. You can “financially” plan and prepare first.



It is true.  Your energy level will skyrocket because you are living in and on purpose.  You will be the person bounding out of bed in the morning.  When you are no longer defined by or part of ‘someone else’s system’, you are free to SHINE.



We all know one of the greatest pleasures and purposes of living is giving. When you live on and in your purpose you have something amazing and worthy of sharing with others. Your knowledge, drive, hope, inspiration and a clarity is a great contribution and does not have to be connected to what you do for “money”.

Don’t underestimate this. Please.VOLUNTEERING BONUS: You will be surrounding yourself with people who share your passionate purpose, thus opening up to connections and opportunities to fully step into your purpose even faster!


ShineYourLightShareYourJourney11. BUILD CONFIDENCE and COURAGE.

Courage is your fuel to achieve amazing success in life; success elevates confidence. #BeBrave. #BeCourageous. It is your time.

If YOU don’t embrace this and figure it out, then who will fulfill your purpose on the planet? If you are ready to start defining yours, check out this post with tips to “Uncover Your Purpose“!





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Part of the d11 Personal Branding Blog Series launched this year… Each of the 25 tips will get a “deep dive” in the upcoming months!

Why a personal branding series?  Simply put, I believe embracing, building, and sharing your personal brand and story is important for everyone to consider.  It assists in business when you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your business, an intrapreneur seeking a promotion or new role, or out there looking for your next big opportunity!  It also comes into play when you are looking for love, have a desire to expand your connections, and even when you want to volunteer. New clients, potential employers, non-profits, and future spouses are looking you up and down – on the internet.  They want to learn more about YOU… who you are, what you love, how you spend time, etc.  What is your online storytelling other about you?   

It is my heart’s desire that this series helps create clarity along your personal branding journey.

  • Mike GRady
    Posted at 15:54h, 14 February Reply

    Spot on Debra!!!

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 09:44h, 18 February Reply

      Thank you, Mike! I know we are kindred on this topic… Thank you for all of your support on my journey to embrace my purpose! :)

  • Susan Smith-Allen
    Posted at 19:58h, 24 February Reply

    Thank you for the free booklet on “Getting to the Core of Your Values.” What a great list of values. I never really thought how valued I really was. I really had to be careful with that list; it helped me concentrate more on myself than I ever had before. lol, thank you for that great list.

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