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Are you pretending to be someone else? - Debra Trappen
Stop pretending to be something you are note. Embrace your authentic self and become the best YOU that YOU can be! The people meant to work with you can't find you if you are pretending to be someone else!
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Are you pretending to be someone else?

pssst… today’s #MoxieMemo is for you.Yes – YOU!  Are you ready?

Yes – YOU!  Are you ready?

Embrace your authentic self.

There are people looking for EXACTLY who YOU are
and what YOU have to offer.

Stop pretending to be someone else.
Define your own success.

Set your own goal and go for it…
Be brave.

Fly your freak flag.
Sing your song.

Be you – OUT LOUD!

It is so easy to lose sight of this.

Especially in a world where everyone shares their highlight reel and we are living our own behind the scenes – every single day.

We can get lost it what everyone else is doing.

We can slide down the slippery slope of jealousy and comparison when we do NOT do the work to define our own happiness and success.

Take time today and write down a goal for this week.

Focus on YOUR goal.
Celebrate YOUR win.
Delight in YOUR journey.


Share this and encourage others on their own path to their version of success and authenticity!



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