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Everything I Can Control Is AMAZING! - Debra Trappen
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Everything I Can Control Is AMAZING!

Are you ready to fire up?

Repeat after me:

Everything I can control is AMAZING!

…Sure, go ahead, say it again!?

Are you smiling?

Can you FEEL it?

Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself or have the BLG’s (Bored, Lonely, Grumpies) I say THIS to myself. Over and over.

I have also used it when someone asks me “How are you?” on those days when chaos was king… lol.

My people LOVE this response and it resonates with our tribe vibe.

When we embrace that what “we can control” is actually “under our control”… It puts taking care of OURSELVES and focusing on our own business into perspective.

Why waste valuable time and energy worrying about the things we can’t do a thing about? Send prayers up, give those situations to God and free yourself from them. It truly relieves the stress of carrying everyone else’s “stuff”!

So, today’s ‪#‎FireMeUp11‬ Challenge:

Choose one thing you want to do for yourself!

Everything I Can Control Is AmazingHere are some ideas:

✨  Drink more water.
✨  Build a vision board on Pinterest.
✨  Make a date with your bestie or lover.
✨  Read that book collecting dust.
✨  Ask for a raise.
✨  Apply for a business license.
✨  Meal plan – FINALLY.
✨  Try that crazy new ‪#‎yoga‬ move.
✨  Hmmmmm, maybe MOVE for the first time in weeks…
✨  Organize a drawer or closet
✨  Define your Core Values. ?
(Here is a free one: debratrappen.com/valuesexercise)
✨ … Or________

Go for it. Focus on what you can control.

Choose to smile and do something for yourself today and be sure to bless someone else, too!

Now, who can you share this with to inspire them to join the fun?