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#FireMeUp11: My First Year Lessons and Reminders For Entrepreneurs - Debra Trappen
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#FireMeUp11: My First Year Lessons and Reminders For Entrepreneurs

For those of you who prefer to listen… here is a podcast of the post:

It’s d11 consulting’s birthday!  

Yep… this week d11 celebrates ONE YEAR IN BUSINESS.  

d11consulting-firstbirthdayMy “baby” is 1. WOW!

(Now, I realize “one year anniversary” is a better term, however, d11 is more like a child than an inanimate “thing” – so I am going with BIRTHDAY!)

What an amazing year it has been.  As I reflect on all of the lessons learned, relationships built, and adventures experienced – I truly realize how blessed I am… and I do NOT take that for granted.  You know it is always my heart’s desire to add value and share experiences, so I thought it would be fun to share some of the biggest lessons (reminders, really) from the last 12 months: 

  1. CHOOSE WISELY.  Every single day YOU have the power to CHOOSE your attitude.   As an entrepreneurs you can wake up with a positive or negative attitude – it is YOUR choice.  Just remember that a positive attitude leads to and builds an abundantly prosperous, positive business.  A negative, fearful attitude/mind does not. Period.  Renew your mind and thoughts – every single day.  
  2. BE BOLD. Don’t let anyone tell you that you “can’t” do “it”.  That is ludicrous.  Being fabulously unrealistic strikes fear into the faint-hearted, so step away from the negative voices and grab your destiny. Dream BIGGER than BIG.  Ask a million questions.  Take a risk… and don’t obsess about failure.  You will not always turn every single idea into a success. Failure only exists when you do not LEARN or, worse yet, allow fear to hold you back from doing something.  Surround yourself with friends who remind you of your greatness and call them when you need a reality check.  
    Shout out to to my amazing husband, Drew, for all of his support and patience; and to my #BreveTV bestie beeee’s – Kelly and Katie – for all of their amazing support this year!  Navigating this adventure together has been a BLAST and I could not have done it without you!
  3. BE YOURSELF. This is one of those “corny” sentiments that is often shrugged off because it is said all the time.  What a shame.  It is epically important to be confident in yourself, flaws and all.  You don’t need to be perfect. And, for heaven’s sake, stop trying to be like anyone else. You just need to be you. Do that really well, and others will be infectiously drawn to you.  Remember, you are much more likely to secure resources like time, money, energy, and respect when you’ve proven that you earned/deserve it more than anyone else.  If you are acting like “everyone else”, how can you possibly stand out?
  4. EMBRACE YOUR VOICE.  Over the past year I have gotten comfortable in my voice, found my path, and I have never felt so free.  It is amazing when you realize that not only do you get to write about what are passionate about or why you do what you do for a living; but that you can write to be part of the change you wish to see in the world or what gives you HOPE.  Think about that.  Pretty cool, eh?  You have a voice.  Use it.
  5. BE IN THE MOMENT and uncover ways to help.  I mean it.  Everyone has a TON going on all the time.  We are all working toward our dreams of building companies, families, and lives we can be proud of, so treat each other with respect.  Stop and truly LISTEN to the person you are talking to- right now.  Listen for something that you can do to help THEM.
  6. Keep a TRUE North PERSPECTIVE.  Don’t get caught up in other people’s drama.  Seriously – do NOT get caught up in it. Let it go and realize it’s their own insecurity and drama, not yours. Not everyone will love you.  Not everyone will support you.  People WILL “hate on” you.  Get over it.  Focus on the people who DO love and support you.  This will bring you success.  I dare you to prove me wrong.  *wink*
  7. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS Being a servant leader is truly a blessing.  Living my purpose of being a modern day muse with moxie is a blessing.  Waking up every single day to connect with passionate, thought-provoking clients who are ready to get to the next level is a blessing.  Forget counting sheep… start counting your blessings every single day. It’s KEY to being happy AND successful. 

 This week I will also be tackling the list of questions below!  You are welcome to join me on this reflection adventure…

11 Questions to Reflect, Refine, and REFIRE Your Business

  1. What was the single best thing that happened in your business this past year?
  2. What was the single biggest professional challenge you faced this year?
  3. What was an unexpected obstacle?
  4. Pick three words to describe your business in 2013.
  5. Pick three words you believe your spouse/partner/best friend would use to describe your business in 2013.
  6. How did you grow in your business relationships? 
  7. What was the most enjoyable area of managing your business?
  8. What was your single biggest time waster in your business this past year?
  9. What was the best way you used your time this past year?
  10. What was the biggest thing you learned this past year?
  11. Create a phrase or statement that describes your vision for 2014.

Now, challenge yourself.  

Go back through the questions, review your answers, and write ONE THING that would help you take it to 11 in the year ahead.  It could be a new process, reading a book, or planning more connection moments.  Don’t mull over this.  Write the FIRST THING that comes to mind.  You are not carving this in stone… You CAN change your mind or direction – at any time.  This process just gets your (our) tootsies in the water.  Be brave.  I believe in you.

Happy reflecting, renewing and refiring!

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