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3 Questions To Take Your Goal Setting To 11! - Debra Trappen
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3 Questions To Take Your Goal Setting To 11!



Okay. Okay. Okay. It is no secret, I am not a traditional January 1st “resolution” maker.  In my d11 Fire Up! bubble, every single day is the start of a “new year” and pivots are a normal way of doing business here.   At the end of this post you will find my traditional “Signature Life Defining Session” doc for you to use, in addition to or in place of what you are currently using – as you wish!

Last year, I shared three simple keys to writing reachable, achievable goals and intentions on your VISION LIST.  This year I am going to take that to 11 by sharing three questions to guide your goal-setting during this season!


1. Are the items on your list YOUR goals?

Far too often the items on our goals list are NOT our own.

First and foremost, make sure YOU really want to accomplish the goals you are setting.  Business, health, personal development, philanthropy… regardless of what the goal is, be sure YOU want it with a fiery passion.  If you are moving the same unfinished goal over from last year’s list (again) – it may be because it is someone else’s goal or dream you “think” you should have on your list.  Think about it… and be honest.

  • Review your “GOAL” list right now.
  • Which items have you moved over the last few months? Years?
  • Is there anything on your list ONLY because you saw someone on social media is doing it? (Be honest!)
  • Ask yourself: Is this REALLY a goal I want to achieve or is it someone else’s goal for me?
    • If you do NOT desire to accomplish this goal – delete it from your list.  
    • If you want to do it…  commit RIGHT NOW to taking one step forward.
    • Write it down.
    • Tell someone who will vow to keep  you accountable. 



2. Why, exactly, do you want to accomplish each goal?

Painting a picture of what will happen AFTER you accomplish it will give you even more incentive to accomplish your goals. Start with these two questions and let it flow from there:

  • What will you gain when you achieve it?
  • What is at risk if you don’t?


3. Do you have a plan to celebrate your successes?

We work countless hours to achieve a goal and then speed right through our BIG ACHIEVEMENT moments.  Stop the cycle by planning how you will celebrate your achievements.  Stop and recognize when you have

Stop and recognize when you have CRUSHED a milestone – no matter how large or small.  Keeping yourself motivated and rewarded are keys in this journey.  Enjoying the experience and having fun is required. 

Having fun and celebrating your successes is what fuels your soul tank. 

TIP: Visualize your goal as if it were completed and plan out your celebratory experience!

  • Will it be a day at the spa?
  • A weekend getaway?
  • A quiet afternoon with a good book and a cup of tea?
  • Hmmmmm….  __________________________


It was my heart’s desire to share a few questions to help you take your goal setting and resolution creating sessions to an 11!  Please let me know (in the comments below)  if you have other questions you would add… or if you have tips and tools that help you during your goal setting.

Cheers to a magnificent, prosperous 2016!

Debra's signature :)



Below is my “Signature Life Intentions” vision sheet – updated for 2016.

It isn’t your typical “resolutions” list, but I adore the format.  I print it out, post it in the d11 den and it guides my daily list creation! My favorite part is choosing my ONE WORD for the year!
If you decide to use it – let me know in the comments below and/or share your success on social media using the #FireMeUp11 hashtag.

Here is to a magical “Signature Life Defining Session” in your future!

Signature Life - 2016
(Click the pic above for a .pdf you can print…)


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