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Memorial Day Weekend Thoughts... - Debra Trappen
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Memorial Day Weekend Thoughts…

Happy LONG Weekend! 

As I sit to relax and enjoy my Muskoka coffee from Crystal Henderson in my lovely vessel from Virginia Munden these thoughts came to my mind. 

1- Slow down and schedule some sacred alone time to reconnect with yourself. 

2- Switch your planning mode OFF to stop, savor and celebrate your successes so far this year. 

3- Review and honor the hours you have invested in your relationships and business… and make sure those hours are allocated well. ;)

4- Take time to remember those who have given their lives to secure our safety… If you haven’t lost anyone – pray for those who have and count yourself very blessed! 

Cheers, my friends!


Muskoka coffee from Crystal Henderson in a gifted cup from Virginia Munden Toronto!

  • Rita
    Posted at 11:02h, 24 May Reply

    Dearest Debra – When it comes to “clear thinking,” we don’t have to look very far. It comes packaged in you! The way you are able to pin-point what should be top-of-mind at any given time, comes with laser accuracy.

    1. Schedule “sacred time.” Boy, that is a good whack upside the head for me! For those of us in real estate, I know I am finding myself peddling as fast as I can right now. Many customers, few properties, multiple offers, etc. Scheduling time just on ME is a challenge. Bosses want us to start our day at 4:30 or 5am, be ready to be at “Level 10 Mode” before 7:30am and hit the road in full gear. That’s all great, but after a long day, I am still working at my computer at 10PM and I’m super tired! LOL Can sacred time be scheduled for Winter months instead? I’m losing clarity where to put this time during the regular business day.

    2. Planning mode: I had mapped out earlier in the year, on a large sheet of paper for the wall, “Da Plan”. Savoring? I daren’t take the time. Not enough accomplished, much more to do, expectations of family and boss is high, savoring may not be on my list until much later. I just pray in gratitude for the prospects, the offers in play presently, and the closed transactions thus far.

    3. Relationships and business: Yes, I actually have those thoughts cross my thought patterns as I drive long hours on I-5 and I-90 to meet with clients. It’s a good thing my husband has been in this business before. The regular guy would never understand the dedication I have, looooooong hours I invest, huge mobile phone bills and endless pulling at my apron strings, created/made by clients. I am grateful that he has been patient and always interested in my business.

    4. Thank those and pray for those, who guard our safety; Couldn’t have said it better. I have very strong feelings of support and emotion for, our men and women in uniform. To me, it doesn’t matter if they are military or emergency responders. On a daily basis, I make sure I thank police, fire and EMT’s for their service. BTW, nurses should be included in that too. No one gives them enough credit for keeping us safe by cleaning wounds and caring for loved ones who are ill.

    Yes, the military boys and girls deserve much gratitude, whether serving today, or 50+ yrs ago. My family is from a war-torn Europe. It was the American GI’s that liberated our lands and to whom my Grandmother asked when they came to take over the family home, “What took you guys so long?” My family was sooooo tired of the war/s. There was huge relief when finally the Americans had come in person to deliver freedom. I can never thank them enough. I only hope that in other lands where our military has come to set about freedom, those people too, are grateful to those who set about the task.

    On this special weekend in our nation, I’ll salute our flag, our freedom, and take my hat off to those who have made the sacrifices on our behalf. HOOOO-rah…..

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