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Self-Care Is Strategic, Not Selfish - Affirmation 46 - Debra Trappen
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Self-Care Is Strategic, Not Selfish – Affirmation 46



This week’s affirmation is about the importance of embracing self-care.

Are you ready? Repeat after me:
Self-care is strategic, not selfish.
I will treat myself with compassion
and prioritize time to lovingly care for myself.


Last week, I shared some of my amazing adventures in Minnesota with my bestie, our hubbies, and their kiddos… and how I focused on soaking it all in while we were there.

What I didn’t share what that I was beyond stressed before that trip. BIG STRESSED. The signs I needed a break were EVERYWHERE. I was having a hard time sleeping. My fuse was short. I was being a martyr… avoiding things I loved doing and working instead. The simplest of requests were irritating me. My smiles and solid advice were being replaced by obnoxious eye rolls and snappy retorts like – WHAT! (mostly inside my head, but STILL!). Even though I knew time away was so needed – I was feeling guilty about it.

Does this sound familiar?

Lioness, the cranky pants I describe during my keynote talks about firing up your moxie was staring back at me in the mirror. If it weren’t for my morning devotion time and evening yoga practice – I am sure there would have been heads rolling somewhere!

While away, I was still fighting thoughts like: I am falling short, letting someone down, taking too much time away, or a spicy combo of the myriad of other thoughts that resemble these. They came and went quickly, but the sting of each thought lingered. That part really irritated me. My brilliant, bold brain knew I needed the time away, so why couldn’t the rest of me simply fall in line and enjoy each moment? My self-talk was filled with –> I KNOW BETTER.

Half-way through my trip, I was sitting by the fireplace, sipping a mug of hot cider, when that Still Small Voice whispered in my ear. These are the words I scribbled down in that very moment:

It’s time to embrace self-care.
(I admit that there may have been a tiny eye roll as I wrote this out…lol)
You are worthy.
You do enough, more than enough.
(at this point, I was a puddle of tears and tissues)
Take a moment and breathe deeply.
Close your eyes.
Smile as your fiery breath flows through your body.
Fiercely focus on right now.
Tomorrow is not yours to worry about, today is yours to LIVE.

That last line struck me.

It is so beautifully Biblical… Matthew 6:34 has been telling me to “let tomorrow worry about itself” my ENTIRE LIFE. At that moment, I finally let it go. I felt a shift inside me that created true space for reveling in the moments and enjoying my quiet time ahead – like never before.

I know there is more to learn about truly slowing down and sweetly serving myself. As I look through all of the photos I snapped during this adventure it is clear this trip truly helped me level UP those skills and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Today, my heart’s desire is to encourage you to embrace your downtime.
Regardless of if it is 5 minutes, 5 days, or 5 weeks.

Revel in each moment. Soak it in.

My dearest, YOU are in control of how full or empty your tank is and when it is refilled.
Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you, to buy the plane ticket, to say YES, I’ll join you… DO IT, now.

Want to fire up your soultank time?
Weave in experiences you will never forget to remind you of the JOY you feel when you fill your own soultank – like me…


Now, it’s your turn, Lioness.


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