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What you focus on flourishes! - Affirmation 49 - Debra Trappen
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What you focus on flourishes! – Affirmation 49


This week’s affirmation is about flourishing with focus.

Are you ready? Repeat after me:

What I focus on flourishes.
I will center my thoughts on the highest and best for everyone around me.

Finding your focus when you are defining and refining your very best life can feel overwhelming, I get it. I battle this, too, Lioness.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by it all and think you have to magically morph into a magnificent, magnetic multitasking machine! (Wow! Say that 11 times fast!)

Let’s try something together.

1: Take a deep breath, cleansing breath.
2: Breathe out the need for senseless hustle.
(Yes, I am asking you to ditch the senseless hustle – again… two weeks in a row even!)
3: Make yourself a promise to stop multitasking and living a hurried, harried life…. In this hustle and hurried world.

Loving yourself has many luscious layers – includes slowing down, finding your focus, and serving those around you with a joyful heart. If what you focus on flourishes – why not focus on serving others joyfully?

Start this week by encouraging yourself to center your thoughts on others and focus on the best and highest for each person you encounter.

Smile at each person you meet.
Hold the door open.
Wave when someone lets you into the lane on the freeway.
Spread sparkle and joy.
Nurture your dearest relationships.
Enjoy the time you have together and serve them at your highest and best. 

Who and what are you going to focus on in the next season?

Lioness, make each choice count… and, as always, choose wisely.







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