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How do you see others? - Affirmation 51 - Debra Trappen
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How do you see others? – Affirmation 51


This week’s affirmation is about graciously seeing, accepting and loving others around us….

Are you ready? Repeat after me:
I am worthy of being seen, accepted, and love.
I will bless others by seeing, accepting, and loving them as they are.

Today, take time to look up and truly SEE someone in your world…
ACCEPT them for who they are…
and LOVE them.

Too often we judge others for what they say, do, even what they are wearing – whether they are on a stage, at the desk next to us, or even out on a relaxed day of running errands/shopping!

PLEASE be conscious of your thoughts and words.

They are so powerful.

When we are judging others we are usually “talking to ourselves” or gossiping to a friend. This RARELY makes us feel good and, worse, makes us feel shameful after we have said it out loud.


If you are judging someone for what they are saying “from the stage” maybe your desire to be on stage is being sparked. Instead of critiquing their presentation style or words they chose – consider researching public speaking classes or opportunities for yourself.

If you are making fun of someone “acting inappropriately or childlike”… Maybe your inner child is BEGGING YOU to get out and have some fun of your own. Maybe it is is time to book a trip to Disneyland, hit the park to swing, or get a color book and spend some time coloring out of the lines.

If you are judging a woman for wearing her yoga pants while out shopping at the mall or sporting the tiara when picking her kiddos up from school – consider you may be battling your own self-image and self-confidence issues or your freak flag is dying to fly. 

Step out and be wild – put on your sassiest PJ set, throw on a wig, and head to the market or movies. I dare you. ;)

Please give yourself the gift of grace if you do judge others and work towards reflecting on WHY you are doing it.

Stop worrying about what other people are saying, doing, or wearing.

Start SEEING them, ACCEPTING them, and LOVING them for who they are!

Remember, you have no idea what is happening in their lives or the lives of their loved ones.

Focus on being your best, blessed self!








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