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New Month. New Moxie. Welcome, October! - Debra Trappen
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New Month. New Moxie. Welcome, October!

It’s a new month AND the first Monday – that means it’s the perfect day for a #MoxieMemo!

On top of those two fab reasons, as I already shared today, we are celebrating YEAR SIX here at debratrappen.com!

I’m enjoying the process of honoring the fact that I own my own consulting practice, reflecting on each failure this year to make sure I learned everything I could and celebrating the significant successes!

That’s what makes this the ideal moxie memo message for today.

Learning who you are, what fills your #soultank, and where you are going (or want to go) makes focusing on your own life a delight.

Focusing on your OWN SUCCESSES allows you to create and nurture a passionate, fulfilled life without obsessing over what everyone else is doing. Doesn’t that sound so incredible? You know, it also opens you up to attracting others you are meant to serve, who truly get you, AND fire you up!

Uncovering these element makes the work more joyful, the planning more exciting, and the celebrating so much sweeter.

My friend, please please take the time to slow down and define these elements for yourself.

Not sure where to start? Start with defining your core values here.

I will be sharing more truths and tips throughout the month to celebrate this business anniversary.

See this post (bit.ly/shareyourbizadvice) and share your best advice in my 6 years + 11 days post coming out later this month.






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