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Spill the Tea: Lucy H. Pearce - A Divine Burning Woman - Debra Trappen
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Spill the Tea: Lucy H. Pearce – A Divine Burning Woman

Snuggle in and listen to this wonderful conversation we had with magnificent Lucy H. Pearce!

We talk about what is on her heart right now, the first book that Molly and Debra spoke about on the show back in 2020 – Burning Woman, her company – Womancraft Publishing, and so much more.

About Lucy:

Lucy H. Pearce is driven by a need to create, connect and inspire. A best-selling author, vibrant artist, respected publisher, and editor, her work focuses on self-knowledge and healing through creativity, archetypes, and cyclical living. She gives voice to the soul: the spiritual, the liminal, the darkness and discomfort, and the magical in the midst of the mundane. Often described as raw, authentic, and life-changing, her work encourages authentic paths to self-expression and is celebrated particularly by highly sensitive and neurodivergent women. She is drawn to connecting with the seasons of the soul and world through writing, painting, digital art making, clay work, photography, and seasonal spirals –made of pebbles, seaweed, leaves, and more. She is ever drawn back to the circle and spiral and in her personal practice, she loves circle dance, women’s rituals, sacred space, and music.

Her award-winning books include Burning Woman; Creatrix – she who makes; Moon Time; Medicine Woman and her most recent, She of the Sea. 

Lucy is the founder and creative director of Womancraft Publishing, established in 2014, which publishes life-changing, paradigm-shifting books by women, for women. 

She is the mother of three and lives on the south coast of Ireland.



Links shared during this episode:

Womancraft Publishing
Womancraft Publishing was founded on the revolutionary vision that women and words can change the world. We act as midwife to transformational women’s words that have the power to challenge, inspire, heal and speak to the silenced aspects of ourselves.

Lucy’s Books:

  1. She of the Sea – what is the call of the sea and why does it impact us so? This is a deep dive into the ocean and the inner sea, women, and water, exploring where the real and the magical, the salty and the sacred meet, within and without.
  2. Creatrix: she who makes – an exploration of the creative process and creative entrepreneurship for women. Nautilus Silver Award winner and #1 bestseller on Amazon in the UK and US.
  3. Medicine Woman: reclaiming the soul of healing exploring women’s sickness, health and healing within patriarchal medicine…and beyond. Nautilus and CIIS award winner.
  4. Full Circle Health: integrated health charting for women – a creative approach to holistic health for all who love planners, trackers, and bullet journals. Full Circle Health provides a highly flexible, deeply supportive way of tracking your health, whatever your current health conditions.
  5. Burning Woman – a highly-acclaimed exploration of women and power, a #1 Amazon bestseller and Nautilus silver award winner. It is now available in Polish.
  6. Moon Time: harness the ever-changing energy of your menstrual cycle, is the #1 best-selling book in its field on Amazon, and has been acclaimed by women around the world as “life-changing.”
  7. Her girls’ version Reaching for the Moon is a soulful guide to the menstrual cycle for girls aged 9-14 and is now in 6 languages: English, French, Dutch, Korean, German and Polish.
  8. The Rainbow Way: Cultivating Creativity in the Midst of Motherhood has been a #1 bestseller on Amazon in the UK and US. It features the voices of over 50 creative mothers including Jennifer Louden, Pam England and Leonie Dawson and has been credited with saving lives and starting creative businesses.
  9. Moods of Motherhood is a journey through the diverse emotional weather of motherhood that speaks the unspeakable straight to the heart. Available soon in Polish.


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