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What is UP with 11? - Debra Trappen
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What is UP with 11?

Celebrating11-11-Trappen-Family-2014What’s up with
the number 11?

People ask me this ALL the time…
and I love it.

11 is part of my story and sharing “why” always ignites me.

So, here it goes:

My love of 11 went to an 11 when I met my amazing husband.

I was living in apartment #1111 – he was living in #11.

Engagement Ring Presentations

11/11/01… This is how Drew presented the ring! Definitely a +11 moment!

We were engaged on 11/11… married on an 11th… and celebrate every 11th, every month.

When we see 11:11 (or an :11) on the clock it reminds us to slow down and connect to one another!  When we are apart we send a little love text… in person, leaning in for a smooch is our fave thing to do, but regardless of where we are – it reminds us to count our blessings and cherish our love.

There is also a divinely magical side to 11:11… It carries the strong codes of initiation, intuition, spirituality, and enlightenment.

I see 11:11 as a divine call from the Holy Spirit that there is opportunity in that moment and when I open my mind, raise the vibration, look UP, and infuse life with the energy of spiritual new beginnings… magic happens and my world is inspired!

collage-november-11Friends and family – both online and off – associate the number 11 with me. Friends from all around the world send photos of their phone at 11:11, when they are sitting at table 11, when they are at exit 11… you get the idea. It has become my “Social Object”… something outside of a logo, name, or photo that reminds people of me.

(hmmmm… Do YOU have a social object?)

There are so many opportunities for “11” to show itself in this world – every single day. Sometimes it’s on the clock… the hotel room number… on a bus… a parking spot… even the gas pump or grocery market line that happens to open! Yep, 11 magically follows and finds it’s way in…

In my life and business – the number 11 is a reminder to stop, think about what is happening in that moment, and challenge myself to take the EXPERIENCE to the next level. Add a little extra “something” to make what I am preparing, creating, or engaging even more remarkable, memorable… even truly unforgettable.

Taking It To 11 Concepts = Build it up. Improve on it. Expand it. Beautify it. Fire it UP. Make a WOW experience. Honor it!

10 is fabulous number… The question is – what extra ingredient will get you to 11?


What will YOU do today to “Fire It UP To 11”?


As you contemplate it… Check out this fun clip from the cult classic This is Spinal Tap.  This always makes me smile and shares their philosophy on Taking It To 11!

  • Vance A Hill
    Posted at 15:14h, 28 February Reply

    What an awesome story! Super cool! Thank you for sharing.

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 16:27h, 28 February Reply

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my story, Vance! It is my pleasure to share it… Cheers!

  • Jenn
    Posted at 15:18h, 28 February Reply

    This was awesome Debra- thank you for the post- I’ve always wondered this about you, but didn’t ask until today (funny that you had just written a post on it!). Love the Spinal Tap clip even more- “these go to 11.” :)

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 16:27h, 28 February Reply

      Jenn, it was CRAZY (and yet, no surprise) that you asked this exact question when we spoke today… Happy you enjoyed reading my story! Have you ever seen Spinal Tap? It is a fun one – and this scene is (clearly) my favorite! xxoo

  • Stephanie Chumbley
    Posted at 15:22h, 28 February Reply

    You’ve told this story before, but I enjoyed reading it. I love your sweet story of how 11 became your number and it’s a beautiful thing when it has a lot to do with the one you love the most. :-)

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 16:25h, 28 February Reply

      Thank you, Stephanie… I totally agree – such a blessing that it blends into all aspects of my world. xxoo

  • Pat Brewer
    Posted at 17:24h, 28 February Reply

    What a story…more amazing is how you recognized it! perpetuated it! elevated it! made it magic!

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 18:45h, 28 February Reply

      It is so overwhelmingly present… So blessed to have such a cool “reminder” and I don’t take that for granted! xxoo

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