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7 Tips On Reinventing Yourself * #FireMeUp11 - Debra Trappen
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7 Tips On Reinventing Yourself * #FireMeUp11

What does reinvention mean to you?

Do you revel in it or avoid it at all cost?

I believe nearly every day you reinvent yourself – in some way, shape or form.  You decide every day if you are going to move forward or backward. You choose to shift your mindset or stay steadfast in it.  Regardless, you are likely moving and growing.

Reinvention doesn’t mean starting from scratch. It means uncovering the best of who you are or discovering where you want to go – and then building on that.  I love the term “PIVOT” as a synonym.  It is more about reassessing along the way and making necessary pivots while continuing to move forward.

Here are 7 tips and truths for your reinvention journey:

1. Be Specific.

What do you want to reinvent?  Is there something you’ve never gone a day without thinking about it? What area of your life (or business) is most in need of a pivot?

Not sure where to start?  Write down 11 things you would do if you had no fear or limits.  Choose one of those and run with it!

2. Be Brave.examine-what-you-tolerate

It takes courage to reinvent yourself.

Be bold as you BOUND out of your comfort zone and into the blissful abyss of change!

It may be tough, at first, but most things WORTH IT don’t come easily.  By the way, being brave also means letting go and making room for the change.  Examine what you tolerate.  Get ready to clear out old mindsets and shake them up!

3. Be Confident.

Simply put, believe in yourself.  Embrace self-confidence and believe you are capable of achieving whatever you want. Adopt a new mantra or two to keep you on track.

4. Be Teachable.

Mentors are a key ingredient in the reinvention process.

Whose business or personal attributes do you admire and want to embrace as your own?  Who has achieved what you want to accomplish? Once you find the people you want to learn from, or collaborate with…  connect at least once a week.  When you can’t be in person, try using Google+ Hangouts for mentoring sessions.

Also, be prepared for your meetings. Be specific with what you want to learn each time you get together.  Always ask if there is anything you can do for them too!  (Read more on finding a mentor here.)

5. Be Tenacious.

Reinvention is not for the faint of heart.

You must be determined to push through challenges and naysayers.  Be fabulously persistent, wonderfully unwavering, and outrageously resilient.  Never give up.  Find a quote or two that remind you of this and post them where you see them every single day!

AlwaysGiveYourselfGrace - GraceOnGraceOnGrace6. Be Gracious.

Reinvention is not an overnight occurrence.

You will fail more than you succeed.

Give yourself grace along the way.  Be prepared to stretch and grow your patience muscle too. Changing your way of thinking, seeing and doing things is a personal journey – don’t rush it, learn from it.

7. Be Consistent.

Do at least one action a week to propel your reinvention forward.

Identify the things that keep you inspired and moving ahead and surround yourself with them.  Get rid of elements holding you back – thoughts, relationships, things… do it NOW.  When you are on the right path it with will feel so ridiculous it will make you giggle as you jump out of bed every morning.



Now is the time.

This is the place.


Go after your dreams and goals with passion, purpose, and a positive attitude today!



Do you have a tip or trick that isn’t listed here?
I would love to hear how you tap into the power of reinvention…

Are you going through a reinvention RIGHT NOW and need a mindset shift?

Feel free to leave your comments and needs below




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