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Customer Experience By Design - Debra Trappen
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Customer Experience By Design

Unless you have managed to avoid social media, conferences, blogs, etc… the term EXPERIENCE is all over the place right now!

Customer EXPERIENCE is a hot topic…

I, for one, am THRILLED. It has been too long and it’s time to refocus on our clients, not lean on technology or elusive lead generation silver bullets, to build our business and relationships.

So if experience matters… what does “focusing on experience” look like? It can manifest in everything from serving a meal to or hosting guests in your home to touring clients around town or digitally signing contracts. Here is the “Experience… by Design” formula I have been using for years: ‘FOUNDATION + FOCUS + FUN = an EXPERIENCE to remember!

Starting with a clear, solid FOUNDATION is a key ingredient.

solid foundation

Unfortunately, all too often it is a secret ingredient, even unbeknownst to ourselves. When was the last time you slowed down and defined the essence of what DRIVES YOU? If you can’t recall – it’s time. (Check out this simple Values Exercise to jump start your journey!)

This process creates a filter for when you are choosing each person you surround yourself with, every post/product you support, how you answer basic questions (like “What do you do for a living?”) and even the clients you partner with… etc. Having a solid personal/brand foundation allows you to make decisions that support your vision and goals… and do it BOLDLY. You are able to focus on creating memorable EXPERIENCES in your world.

What you FOCUS on flourishes…

There seems to be so much focus on new technologies and new apps, that the customer experience is lost in the mix… or we mistake creating an experience with providing BASIC customer service. Creating an experience is about delighting our customers, by first focusing on how we want them to FEEL when they are working with us.

elevate experience

So, let’s all refocus our focus –> Choose one area of your business that you want to improve your customer’s experience.

Does the state of your car make you cringe? Clean it.

Do the business partners you introduce to your clients represent the experience you want to give? If not, change them.

Maybe you desire to add a little tech into the mix by going paperless with your transactions? Do some research, choose a vendor, and go for it.

What are you waiting for? Choose ONE area… and start bringing in new elements to make it happen. NOW is the time.

Last, but not least…

Enjoy YOUR experience!

Do you have an answer to the question – “What do you do for fun?” or do you just stare into space when asked? I get it, the reality is that we are ‘grown up’ and don’t always get to have “fun” every single moment of our lives. However, we have a choice every day to embrace an attitude of fun, add in a little spice by sharing lunch/happy hour with friends, getting in a round of golf, or just stopping to enjoy a moment (dare I say it?) unplugged… Remember in order to ENJOY the process and delight our consumers in the details of the EXPERIENCE – our personal tank needs to be filled with goodness!

Infuse these elements into your biz plan… sprinkle in your own brand of sass and swagga… and don’t forget to create and enjoy the EXPERIENCE – one moment at a time!

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