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11 Keys 2 Living a Passionate Life - Debra Trappen
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11 Keys 2 Living a Passionate Life

A friend asked me what I do to keep so passionate and positive, so here are the first 11 things that came to mind…  I look forward to reading your additions below!

11 Keys 2 Living A Passionate Life…

1.  Be BOLD and try new things.  (aka. Be Sassy!)

2.  Share your wisdom & knowledge – know the difference.

3.  Forget seeking “balance”…  integrate and infuse play <—> work.  

4.  Always be envisioning your next creation.

5.  Revel in real LIFE moments… delight in taking breaks.

6.  AMPLIFY the successes of those around you.

7.  Be the master designer of your own INSPIRATION.

8.  Choose  the people, emotions, and things around you… wisely.

9.  Make a difference in someone’s life – every day.

10.  Stand up for something… Embrace Faith… Believe. 

11.  FOCUS.


What is your favorite key to living a passionate life?

  • Jen Miller
    Posted at 17:19h, 16 April Reply

    Invite Others into Your Life Story!

  • Emily
    Posted at 13:09h, 28 April Reply

    Nourish not only your body but your soul! Food, friends and family do it for me:)

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 13:31h, 28 April Reply

      Love that, Emily! Completely agree… being mindful of caring for our body, soul, and mind is so important. Thank you for stopping by, reading, and sharing! :)

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