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How Do You Define SUCCESS? - Debra Trappen
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What does success mean to you?

How Do You Define SUCCESS?



Now is the time.

Believe in yourself.

Define YOUR success.

Stay focused.

Get inspired.

Clarify your vision.

Ignite others.

Be the best version of YOU!

Never… Give… UP!

What does SUCCESS look and feel like to you?
Let’s take a moment and talk about the concept of defining your own success.

Do you know what that word means to YOU?


What it will LOOK like?


How will it make you FEEL?


Here are two key reasons “Defining Your OWN Success” is a process worthy of your attention:


1. If you don’t define what it means to you, the definitions the world sets will become yours.


Most organizations praise sales numbers, award top producers, and reward achievement with MONEY.  The amount of money you make can’t be the only way you define victory.

If you are not careful and focused on your own definition of success, the media’s idea of the perfect body, a praise-worthy title or position, etc will become yours…


2. You are able to truly support other’s successes without feeling less than or in competition with them!


When you are fuzzy about your own, everyone else’s achievements starts to look like it “might be” or “should be” YOURS, not theirs!

Let me share an example of two different success statements from two of my Fire Up! clients:

I will feel successful when I am able to be home when my children get home from school, make them a healthy dinner, and tuck them in every night.

I will feel successful when I am able to send my parents on a vacation every year with my business that allows me to work anywhere in the world – anytime!

You can build a wonderful life around EITHER of these success statements – running the same type of business!

Yes, these two versions of success LOOK very different, however, BOTH of these women are marketing experts who serve small businesses. One focuses on local businesses and the other works with companies all over the globe.

So, now that you have a couple of key reasons WHY this is so important, here is a simple exercise to get you rolling.

Start by completing these five sentences:

YOUR Success Statements

I will feel successful when ______________________.

I will feel successful when ______________________.

I will feel successful when ______________________.

I will feel successful when ______________________.

I will feel successful when ______________________.


Now that you have stated what YOUR SUCCESS looks like, take time every day to review where you were able to honor these statements.

These custom statements will make it easier to see it, celebrate it and truly revel in it!

Enjoy the journey, my friends.  You know where to find me if you need me!