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What is your "IT" for 2016? Goal setting starts with these questions... - Debra Trappen
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Two Questions To Ask Yourself About 2016 - NOW. #FireMeUp11

What is your "IT" for 2016? Goal setting starts with these questions…

Today's #MoxieMemo: Vividly IMAGINE it Faithfully PRAY on it Whole-heartedly DESIRE it Deeply BELIEVE it Passionately ACT upon it and GET READY for it!Today’s #MoxieMemo:

Vividly IMAGINE it
Faithfully PRAY on it
Whole-heartedly DESIRE it
Deeply BELIEVE it
Passionately ACT upon it
and GET READY for it!

What is YOUR “it”?

We all know we can’t achieve a goal we have never defined. 
Take some time and ask yourself these two questions:


Your personal success might be:

  1. Living a healthier lifestyle
  2. Sharing more time with family/friends
  3. Reading those books gathering dust


Your professional success might be:

  1. Increasing new business by 50%
  2. Increasing referral business by 50%
  3. Flipping your business model from first-time buyers to luxury or investment buyers in your industry


Breaking your “success vision” into small, implementable bits will help you achieve it faster, as well as recognize and celebrate your victories along the way! 

Personal steps could be:

  1. drinking more water or starting yoga (healthier living)
  2. turning your tech off earlier and focusing on your “in person” time during the holidays (quality time)
  3. read ONE book by the end of the year (Need a suggestion? I hear this book will fire you up!)

Professional steps could be:

  1. meeting 11 new people every week (increasing new biz by 50%)
  2. reconnecting with 11 past clients each week (increasing referral biz by 50%)
  3. volunteering in your local business community (volunteer where your “new potential clients” will be, too!)

Deciding now what those two goals will require allows you to give your best YES and most confident NO replies to invitations for networking events, webinars, workshops, dinner parties, happy hours, etc…

Enjoy the process.

If you have questions along the way… don’t hesitate to reach out and tweet my using @debra11 and #FireMeUp11!



Still need some help reviewing or setting your goals? Join the 11 Day Fire Up! Your Goals Challenge!

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