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#Enterpriser Highlight: Tasha Pasco - Motivating, Inspirational, Supportive - Debra Trappen
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#Enterpriser Highlight: Tasha Pasco – Motivating, Inspirational, Supportive

Hooray… The next “ENTERPRISER” post is here!  #Enterpriser is a  blog series created to highlight the fun, quirky, REAL stories of “Captains of Industry” who are inspiring, navigating, and embracing change in their world!

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the supportive, encouraging, talent-attracting Tasha Pasco!  I had the pleasure of working with Tasha for many years and partnered with her on recruiting, retention, training, and social media initiatives at a real estate brokerage here in the Seattle/Tacoma area.  Her passion for creating a nurturing, educational, encouraging environment is inspiring.  She is a life-long learner and always open to explore change – with a SMILE!

Learn a bit more about her in her 11 answers to the Enterpriser questions: 

Q1: What is your motto/mantra?
TP: Don’t expect more of others than you are willing to give, lead by example.
Q2: What are three words that you and others use to describe YOU?
TP: Motivating, Inspirational, Supportive 


Q3: Which words or phrases do you most overuse
TP: In my spare time……I say it jokingly as new things come up!
Q4: What was your favorite job; and what did you learn from it?
TP: I am in my favorite job.  Funny thing is I started with Coldwell Banker 27 years ago as a receptionist, I loved that job too!  I have not always been with Coldwell Banker, but when I did come back it was like coming home.  Every day is different and so rewarding to especially help our new brokers generate and close deals.  Fun to watch the process.
Q5: What is your most treasured possession?  Why?
TP: Fond memories.  Possessions aren’t important to me.  I am a “want to be minimalist”  So creating memories makes me happy.  I am not a big gift giver I am more of a memory maker.


Q6: Who are 5 of the people on your “Dream Dinner Party” invitation list?
TP: My dream dinner party would not be filled with celebrities, leaders or authors.  If I could spend time with and have anyone for dinner it would be family I have lost.   I would have loved for my dad to see how my life is turning out, he passed away in 1990.  I also never met either of my grandfathers, and I would have also really liked my favorite grandmother Julia to have met my daughter.  So since it is a dream dinner, I would dream big and want all of them to come.
Q7: What was the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
TP: My daughter makes me laugh out loud daily.  The funny stories she tells about her day and her friends crack me up, have you been around a teenager lately!
Q8: Why have you embraced social media? 
TP: Social fits my fast paced personality.  I am a multi- tasker, I love the ability to reach a lot of people at the same time or draw in a specific audience.  I love how social gives us all the opportunity to get to know such great people that we may never have otherwise met.
Q9: What is your favorite blog or business book that you recommend to everyone who asks?  Why?
TP: I really like our company blog, fences and flowers, http://www.cbbain.com/Blog.  Lots of great things to share with other brokers and buyers and sellers.
Q10: Who are your favorites to follow on social media?  Why?
TP:  Linda Aaron, you of course! (you are so sweet!), Katie Lance, Inman and The Daily Muse, Sunday best of the web.
Q11: What is your GO TO song to get you in your CRUSH IT groove?
TP: Kenny Loggins, This Is It.  It is a “life song” Kenny wrote when his father was very ill.
Want to know more?  Here is her impressive professional bio:

Providing a collaborative environment where brokers thrive to network, mentor, share and learn. I am proud to be a part of the Leadership at Coldwell Banker Bain and partnering with some of the best brokers in the Puget Sound area right here in Tacoma. This is such a great group of professionals. The respect and trust they have for each other to collaborate on ideas knowing they are better together, building their businesses, and serving the communities they live and work in.

It is not just a job or hobby. These are hard working dedicated brokers that support their profession in many ways. Many of our brokers have served both local and state boards and are highly visible in our local Association of Realtors advocating for both Realtors and homeowners alike. Being involved in community service is also important to our three Tacoma offices. We are proud to be associated with Toys for Tots, Relay for Life, The Stadium Art and Wine Walk, supporters of Habitat for Humanity and the local Proctors Farmers Market.

Education is not second to our group. Our Tacoma Main office in University Place is the South Training Center for Coldwell Banker Bain’s 30 offices. Providing FREE ongoing continuing education is just what we do. It is important to know our brokers have the latest information on real estate laws, trends and technology. All of our Principal Managing Brokers are certified with the State of Washington to teach real estate continuing clock hour education.

I feel both fortunate and proud to be associated with such a dedicated company and group of professionals. 

Get Connected to Tasha… and keep the conversation going!
Tasha, ooodles of thanks for sharing a bit of your story with the d11 community…  


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