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Three Things To Fire UP! Your Attitude * #FireMeUp11 - Debra Trappen
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Three Things To Fire UP! Your Attitude * #FireMeUp11

What is “attitude”?

According to the dictionary –>  {noun}  The manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, especially of the mind.

Having a positive attitude is so important to our health, wealth and ultimately living a life that fires us up!  Being “positive” isn’t always the easiest choice, but it is always a choice.  Finding ways to inspire smiles and give our attitudes a boost, as well as those of people around us, can be simple and free of charge.

Below are three simple things each of us can weave into our day to keep our outlooks positive and BOOST our attitudes.


Find ways to sprinkle kind words over your friends – both offline and online.  Instead of telling your friend she looks gorgeous or say something like “have you lost weight?” – focus on how creative, accomplished, intelligent, organized, or inspiring she is.  Let’s start lifting each other up and focusing on our fabulous qualities and talents – not “ just” complimenting our waistlines and looks.

(Confession: whenever someone compliments/asks me if “I lost weight”… all I can think is – did it look like I needed to when we last met?  Is it just me? lol)


This is not rocket science, friends.  However, these two words are not uttered nearly enough.  If we want to teach our children they are not entitled – we need to shine GRATITUDE when people do nice things for US!  When someone does something nice for you – say thank you.  When someone follows through on a promise – say thank you.  When someone When someone gives you a compliment – say thank you. (Gracefully accept it and don’t shrug it off, please!) 

Want to take your thank you to 11?
Write a thank you note.  

It will make you feel great to pop it in the mail AND the ripple effect after the recipient opens their mailbox and sees it will be immeasurable!

3. WAVE.

Yes, wave.  WAVE at people you see on the sidewalk, WAVE people in front of you on the freeway, WAVE when someone lets you in on the freeway, WAVE when people are leaving your home after a party… W-A-V-E!

It is not only FUN to wave, it ignites your attitude, makes you SMILE and the person who receives your wave also feels the BOOST!  I put together this fun SlideShare featuring 11 different waves you can infuse into your day.  Choose one or two waves to add in your day!

Taking the Wave to 11 from Debra Trappen

What are some of the FREE ways you boost your attitude?  

Please leave them in the comments below or post then on social media using the #FireMeUp11 hashtag!

Thank you!
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