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#FireMeUp11: My Birthday Gift To You - Debra Trappen
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#FireMeUp11: My Birthday Gift To You

glitter and bubbly

Wow. Yesterday was DIVINE.  

Turning 40 was deliciously fabulousand GLITTER-FILLED thanks to many of you who shared memes like these with me.

I won’t fib, I was on a FIRED UP high because of YOU, my dearest friends and followers.  

Oooooodles of you visited a veritable plethora of bat channels to leave a birthday wish or sweet sentiment.  You all blessed and touched my heart.  I was emotionally overwhelmed by the love – in the best possible way.

birthday-girl-crown-shoeOkay… Okay… This gal may be a Leo, but I do realize I’m not the only person on the planet who experiences the birthday rush with hundreds of smooch-filled posts… but this year was DIFFERENT.  This year YOUR notes were specific and tenderly filled with stories of how our connection has effected you.  YOU took time.  That means more to me than you will ever know.  I have reveled in each and every note, post, pic, song, video, etc. so far… and it is my goal to let you know it was seen and appreciated.   (I do still have more to soak in since I follow my nighttime social rule: No social media after 9 or two glasses of wine!)

Today, in honor of our connection and the time you invested in me…

I would love to give a gift to YOU.  

For several years now, one of my personal “Birthday Traditions” is to take some quiet time and answer 11 questions about the year behind me, as well as the year ahead.  Birthdays are our very own “personal new year“.  They deserve time for reflection, success celebration, and intentional course correction where/when needed.

My heart’s desire is for this to inspire you to answer these questions on your next birthday… or do it now and then revisit the answers on your birthday.   I do encourage you to keep your answers concise so you can easily review them throughout the year.   (Click here for the Evernote version – ready to go!)

  1. What was my most joyful experience this past year?
  2. What was the toughest lesson I learned?
  3. What was (is) the single biggest time-waster in my life, and how will I deal with it?
  4. you don't stop dancing because you are oldWhat am I holding on to that I need to let go of… immediately?
  5. What impact do I want to make on my world this year?
  6. What is the one fear that is holding me back? *How will I take it DOWN this year… and who will I ask to help me do it?*
  7. What habit would I most like to establish this year?
  8. Who are the people I most want to encourage this year?
  9. What’s the single most important thing I could do to improve the quality of my marriage this year?
  10. What is the number one thing I commit to doing for my business this year… that will STRETCH ME?
  11. What’s the most important decision I need to make this year?


Once again… thank you, from the tippy tips of my toes to my fiery red mane, for blessings me yesterday.  My 40’s are off to a roaring start!

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Photo Credits:
The feature image was created with one of my favorite quotes posted on my bat channels yesterday…
Bubbles & Glitter 
Birthday Girl Shoe and Crown
You Don’t Stop Dancing is an anonymously authored quote…  plastered all over the web. :)



  • Kelly Mitchell
    Posted at 12:47h, 23 August Reply

    You continue to inspire and create opportunity in such a graceful and fun way! Kudos to making your birthday experience a wonderful time to strive and thrive. I love the idea of looking back and also looking ahead. I still have Diva glitter everywhere and fully embrace, she who leaves glitter is never forgotten. :) xoxo K

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 12:59h, 23 August Reply

      Kelly, thank you for always elevating and inspiring me to reach, stretch, and get unrealistically uncomfortable! I treasure you. xxoo

  • Stephanie Chumbley
    Posted at 14:56h, 23 August Reply

    Debra, what a sweet post! Birthdays in the new Social Media Age are so much more fun than they used to be! Birthdays these days are filled with so many bursts of love and reminders of just how many lives we touch. I am so happy you had a wonderful birthday and I loved your thank you blog post. Your gratitude just endears you to us even more so! Hopefully something nifty finally arrived in your mailbox today… xoxo!

  • Stephanie Chumbley
    Posted at 14:57h, 23 August Reply

    P.S. I almost forgot to mention that I love these questions and I am going to use your Evernote note to answer and save them now. What a fun idea – like a digital time capsule!

    • Debra Trappen
      Posted at 16:40h, 23 August Reply

      I am thrilled you enjoyed this post and that you are going to use the Evernote… Enjoy! xxoo

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